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under construction Posts: 3458
Ok think this is going to be a long one ... Due date was Sunday 22nd June, was in my mam's when i felt a little gush (honestly it was only about a teaspoon of fluid) so i thought i had just had a leak and said nothing to anyone. When i got home Sunday evening told my DH that perhaps it had been a bit and perhaps my waters would go that night. Well nothing happened. Had my next hospital appointment Tuesday at 2.30pm in Holles St. Woke about 11am with a slight pain, next one came at 11.20am. Told myself they weren't contractions as weren't painful - had been having twinges on and off for a week at this stage. So had a shower, got ready and hopped on the bus into town. Still getting pains every 20 mins. Got to Holles st semi private clinic and there was a bit of a queue so took a seat. Then noticed that Dr McParland wasn't around there was a stand in consultant. It was 3.30 by the time i was to go in, DH arrived and in we went. I told the consultant that i was getting pains every 20 mins lasting 30 seconds. She said that it didn't sound like active labour to go home and if they got closer come back. I asked if she could do an internal as i thought i might have lost some fluid. She said no they don't like to intervene they want things to happen naturally. She said to come back on the 4th July for induction if i hadn't gone in the meantime. I persisted and said i would rather she did an internal. She then just done the normal, checked blood pressure and stomach and said head was well down but not complete so she really didn't think it was the start of labour. In the end i must have just went on and on so much that she said she would do an internal. So she done the internal and said i had just had a show as a result of it. Asked if she wanted me to do a sweep and i said sure you might aswell. So she tried to do a sweep and said that it didn't feel like i had any fluid there. She needed to scan me. So got dressed and moved into the scan room. We told her we didn't know the sex so we both looked away as she put the scanner on us. She said that yes i had no forewaters and only a small bit of fluid at the top. Then she said "oh", we looked at each other and said whats wrong. She said there's the head, we couldn't make out the scan and just said Yeah !! She said there at the top, your baby is breech, you will have to be sectioned now. :eek Get dressed i need to make some calls. So i got dressed and took a seat outside, by this time it was 4.15pm. She came back and said go up to the pre-natal ward and they will check you in, you are due to go down for a section at 6pm :eek :eek . My DH came up with me while i checked in but then had to rush off home to get the bags. The gave me a tablet to reduce acid in my stomach, then hooked me up to a heart trace monitor for the baby. DH got back at 6pm (i was a bit scared he wouldn't get back in time). While he was gone the anesitist (spelling??) came down and told me what would happen, then the consultant that would preform section came down and talked me through it). So at 6pm i got into my gown, then a nurse came up and said there was an emergency eptopic that had come in so there would be a delay. They came to get me at 7.45, we went through forms, gave DH cap, gown etc. At 8.15pm i was brought in to theatre, given the spinal block (quiet painful but only lasted 5 mins), they brought DH in once they had started the section. About 3 mins later they said bum is out !! Another 2 mins of tugging 8.56pm (you can feel tugging but there is no pain at all) i did feel very cold and a bit sick but that's just the medication, baby arrived. Doctor held the baby's face over the screen, then slowly moved the body up - until we could see that it was a boy :o0 :o0 :o0 we both shed a few tears then. He was brought off to be checked and weighed (8lb 50zs) and then handed to his Daddy. Daddy and baby were then brought off to get baby dressed and fed etc while i was stitched up and brought into recovery. I was in recovery from 9.20 until 10.45 and brought up to my ward. For anyone that is scared of the idea of a section please don't be. I was up walking around the following day at 12 to have a shower, yes it was a bit uncomfortable but honestly not nearly as bad as i thought. Stayed 5 nights in Holles st and must say the nurses etc are the nicest and most helpful ladies, couldn't have done enough for us. We got home Sunday 29th June and i must say he is a brilliant baby. Is taking 4oz bottles every 4 hours, so sleep at night is going good so far - long may it continue. Sorry i went on a bit, but trust me i could have blabbed all day, but Luke has just begun to wake up. For all of you mum's to be the very best of luck but please don't be scared it is so worth it and the pain does go away, you do get better and you have the most precious thing possible at the end of the day.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
:o)ll Welcome baby Luke...Congrats on his arrival!! How is the healing now??
cbtb Posts: 413
Congratulations to you and your DH. Its great to hear such a positive story about a section. Fair play to you for persisting with the Doctor to examine you properly. :wv
Sugababe* Posts: 988
Congratulations UC and welcome to baby luke.Great birth story.
under construction Posts: 3458
[quote="rushinbride":259ks7ag]:o)ll Welcome baby Luke...Congrats on his arrival!! How is the healing now??[/quote:259ks7ag] Yeah its going really well thanks. Some days i get a bit sore (my back mainly which is probably from the spinal block) if i have done alot or walked alot. Its hard though not being able to drive - have to wait 6 weeks and with the weather as it is means we don't get out much. But wound isn't really sore, gets a bit itchy sometimes but i am not in pain just a bit uncomfortable sometimes. Thank god i did persist with the doctor as consultant that performed the section said that if i had of went into full labour it would happen alot quicker and alot more intense because of the way baby was positioned. 3 doctors (Dr McParland, my own GP and the stand in consultant had all been telling me head down from 31 weeks :eek so don't know if he ever really was head down)
july7812 Posts: 1787
Under construction - I'd say you got the fright of your life when they told you they would be delivering that day :eek :ooh - delighted all went well for you & baby Luke :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Congrats on his safe arrival Lovely birth story - thanks for sharing it with us
theoracle Posts: 7664
Congratulations on your lovely baby boy! Good thing you insisted on being examined!!! Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. :thnk
Poppit Posts: 2042
Wow :eek its a good job you persisted and she examined you in the end. Good for you. I'd say you weren't expecting your baby to be born so soon. Lovely birth story and a very positive c-section experience. Congrats again on baby Luke's arrival.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
wow, dunno if I'm more shocked that u ended up being breech or that you would have been in the queue with me outside his office .....wasn't crazy about her she bloody hurt when she was checking for babs position !! Apparently head down !!!!! Am so chuffed for u pet and glad both u and Luke r doing well Congrats to u and daddy :o)ll :o)ll
sinion Posts: 6050
Like the others, i'm in shock at her not knowing the baby was breech and you having to insist on an internal! Congrats on your little boy, and well done for being so insistent!