Underwear for under the perfect dress

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Lara Posts: 334
Haven't set up a poll before so bear with me ladies! :D Just wondering who you'd all recommend going to for underwear for the day. Have seen a lot of mentions of Intimate Lingerie and Beneath but am curious about the bigger stores and wanted to get a bit of groundwork done before my search. Not looking for a corset or anything - just a nice bra that would give a bit of a lift and a nice shape. :) Do ye have any feedback on service/selection/value?
fairy Posts: 327
Hey Lara, I have not gotten underwear for my wedding dress, but I went to beneath a few weeks ago, and bought a few bits. The girl in the shop was really nice and helpful, just from looking in the shop, it did not seem to me that she had a huge amount of stock. I had gone in looking for a corset type thingy, but came out with a bra and pair of spanx! I had intened on using these for my wedding, but I think im going to go to intimate lingere for the corset. I think it depends on what you are looking for, to where you go? If its just a nice bra and knickers, then Id go to arnotts/BT's, but if you are looking for something more unusual (I mean like a corset...nothing kinky!) IMO I think you are best going to to a boutique kinda place. fairy
pupsalove Posts: 1490
I went into Arnotts for some specifc undies for the dress. Ended up geting this french range which is actually awful and doesn't do anything for me or the dress. So I may buy some more as it cuts into me and I was marked when I took it off just after a couple of hours. Don't know what to buy now!!
Ettybertie Posts: 306
Havn't found mine yet either :( Best undies I ever had were Berlei but it tends to be v plain. They are oh so comfortable.. I even bulk bought them 1 each in every colour. H2B christened them the rucksacks as they are so protective looking. I have never had a mark or a underwire stick into me yet. Sadly they dont do strapless. :cry: I must have at least 4 different strapless numbers in white and none are comfy... they either make me look too busty or are really tight.
Grainne20 Posts: 835
Etty I am going for comfort!!....i Have gotten the little short knickers....they are really comfortable and even though they do not look really sexy they are really cute!!
birdielips Posts: 342
havnt got mine yet either but h2b has been hinting by pointing out stuff in mags and shops and he wants sexy all the way by the looks of things! Hes even told me I can spend as much as i want on underwear so theres no figure beside it in our budget :shock: Im not sure where im going to go. I know when he buys for me he tends to go for la senza but id like something a bit different for him bec I know hes really looking forward to it :wink: id say try BT as they have a bit of everything from comfy underwear to really sexy stuff - reckon ill start there and in a few boutiques in the westbury (seeing how i can splash out without him complaining!!)
Mokey Posts: 576
I haven't got mine yet but I've seen what I like on - for the larger busts!! It can be very difficult to get nice underwear for "our kind".... a nightmare most of the time!
Cassandra Posts: 219
lara, would you consider getting your bra swen into your dress? i bought mine in Bt's and intend to get it sewn in - dressmaker told me it's the way to go. can forget about it then for the day. she also said to get the plainest underwear possible (knickerwise) in a g string in a much bigger size than you would normally wear so as to give no knicker line. also mentioned a brand of tights called wonderpo sexy uplifting tights by Falke but so far i have not been able to find these so if anyone knows where I can get Falke tights I'd be grateful for the feedback.
buzzbride Posts: 33
I would really recommend Intimate Lingerie on tara st, the lady there was so helpful and lent me items to bring to a fitting to try with my dress before I bought them. Her name is Pauline but she is really busy and you need to make an appointment.
Lara Posts: 334
Thanks for that girls. Main reason I was asking is cos I went for a fitting a couple of years ago in M&S and was given the wrong measurements by the woman. I was definitely not the size she said I was. Might give BTs a go. Don't really need anything 'specialised' so I don't think I need to go to somewhere like Intimate Lingerie. Sallyann, heard that too about the g-string. How big do you go though? :lol: I was thinking one size up would do it.