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fantac Posts: 4109
h2b is just back from visiting his bro who has a 4yr old - 4yr old wanted to drink h2b's coffee - h2b said, "no, its hot, it will burn you", 4yr old tried to grab the cup, h2b said "no, dont do that, it will spill and burn you", 4 yr old chucked a tantrum and bashed h2b in the face with a fork- he broke the skin and has a cut on his nose. the parents sat and said in smiley cheerful voice "oh xxxx, don't hit your uncle thats not nice" the little TOE RAG, he needs to come and stay with us for a week, soon have some manners put on the little boll*x one thing i HATE is kids who are not reprimanded - how do they know whats right and wrong if its not enforced????
edit Posts: 982
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
Take the fork from the child and smack him back with it. Little sh!!tty parents The problem these days is the fear parents have if they do reprimand their child by smacking or raising their voice. I mean look at all the good parents who have been through the mill cos someone thought they were abusing their kids!! My kids will be smacked for sure. Never did me any harm.
fantac Posts: 4109
[quote="Indie Anna":m5tvorxn]I hear ya sister!! My nephew came to visit last week and he squeezed all my sun shimmer false tan ALL OVER the kitchen floor - and his mother laughed!! "Isn't he gas?"" EH NO - HE FU*KIN ISN'T !![/quote:m5tvorxn] AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH it drives me bloo*y mad!
gerbil Posts: 3528
[Rant] [b:3vxhp37b]Passive Parenting. [/b:3vxhp37b]The parents who sit there looking on as Little Johnny destroys the place and ask "[i:3vxhp37b]what can i do?" [/i:3vxhp37b]in a helpless tone of voice. Incidentally the same parents who whine "you can't stop them" when their thirteen year old is drinking with the local cider heads or "you can't watch them 24 hours a day" when their fifteen year old is brought home from a pub by the Gardai. Lazy, ignorant, thoughtless, superficial gits who think a child is an accessory or a lifestyle enhancer, instead of an individual relying on them to shape their character and inform them on morals and manners. They should all be sent to a Parenting school where somone else's little johnny gets to destroy their belongings and piddle on their heads. [/rant off] O-O cheers I feel better for that. Just had a "little darling" moment myself here, a brat who took some stock out of their dad's hands and threw it on the floor while the man look on and just sighed. He did a little more than sigh when i charged him for it >:o)
sun flowers Posts: 3421
I bet his an own child, so golden boy does no wrong am I right..... little boll!x
Senorita Posts: 3413
[quote:jcs6z2yx]the little TOE RAG, he needs to come and stay with us for a week, soon have some manners put on the little boll*x [/quote:jcs6z2yx] I'm sorry, but pmsl :yelrotflmaosmilie: . It's for reasons like your hubbys "darling" nephew, that we are still just the two of us :eek :-8 I HATE brats, and their ignoramous parents, who think it's cute little how they act >:o) Your hubby sounds like a patient guy, if it was my hubby, he'd have poked him right back :eek (only messin, figure of speach :-8 :o0 )
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Seriously though what is it with the parents,can they not see whats going on in front of them!!! I seriously HATE IT too an I hate wingers and I WANT,I WANT,I WANT,,, also kids that can't behave in other peoples houses pisses me right off...are the days of "AH AH gone?? >:o( >:o(
Mama2 Posts: 1230
Ahh, I think I've found my spiritual home! This dives me nuts. I had a conversation with H2Bs SIL recently where she almost bosted that her 18 mth old has never sat at the table for a meal (In a high chair obviously) as she like likes to walk around when she's eating. Does she really? And whos fault is that I wonder!