Unemployed after baby

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pupaza Posts: 30
Hi gals, I will soon b out of work as im due to give birth to my 2nd child. This kinda sucks as i hav always loved being independent. I hav decided to stay home for 1st yr to give my baby enough bonding time with me. Prob is with h2b working, salary isnt great n i think we r gonna b living on the breadline. Any 1 got ideas of how to make money at home, has any1 been in this position? aNY SUGGESTIONS WUD B GREAT, THANX GIRLIES!!! :xox
luigi Posts: 867
Hiya, Im trying something similar. I have no income at the minute but thankfully H2Bs salary is keeping us above water. Here are my current things: Sell all your outgrown baby clothes on Ebay- sells really well. Sell everything that you no longer use and there is loads in our home! Im a designer so im trying out freelance work for my old company and it is going quite well although it wont be a regular income for us- depends if I can get a regular contract. Maybe there is some talent you can use? Have you also thought of childminding? Pretty thankless but might be the little you need to sstay afloat? H2H Louise
Mrs March Posts: 175
Would you consider evening work? Some offices have work from 5-9 or 6-10. Even if it was just a couple of nights a week. You wouldn't be taxed on it as it wouldn't be above the threshold so you'd get every penny you earned plus out of the house a bit and some interaction with others. Might be something I'm looking into down the road.
twinssep Posts: 1242
i am the same work wo nt give me part time hours so considering a course in gel nails and make up mayb but the offic e thing sounds good too mrs march
teisha Posts: 4
I wudnt b qualified to do anything officy at all. but thanx for your help gals, much appreciated. xx
soup Posts: 37
Here's a quick way to make a few quid!! Sign up to www.ebay.co.uk its an online auction where people bid on your items, to sell advertise is very cheap Sell any unwanted baby gifts, maternity wear (used clothes), clothes you don't wear, sell anything on ebay its really good Are you creative? Handmade cards - sell them on ebay?!!
pupaza Posts: 30
Ye, that sounds good. only prob is id end up with nutin left in my hse, say it cud b addictive! :eek