Unemployed and maternity benefit Q

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katiemomma Posts: 2690
I am currently unemployed and I'm nearly 22 weeks pregnant. I see the current tax year would be 2011. For 26 weeks of that year I was employed by somebody. But I also had my own business for the full 52 weeks. I think from what I read I am entitled to maternity benefit based on that criteria but would need to be employed after 24 weeks pregnant to get it. I have tried to get part time work but have recently been told I may be able to get a position that may only last 2 weeks but coud be up to 6 weeks. Would I then be definitely entitled to maternity benefit?
belcra Posts: 1097
I believe you only need to pay one PRSI stamp within the last 16 weeks to be entitled but I'd recommend ringing the maternity benefit crowd in Donegal and asking them. They are very nice and helpful. (By one PRSI stamp - I think that's as little as one day of work).
wowza Posts: 556
I've heard the same- almost any work will do!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Would the maternity benefit then start once I finish that job or would it start at 38 weeks? Like if I worked at 30 weeks would it start then?
wowza Posts: 556
On a guess here, but I would imagine that if you are seeking work then you could delay it until such time as you stop seeking.
OrTees Posts: 907
Hi, your MB would start on the day after you finish that job. I am in a similar position- finished a contract on march 1 so if I don't get any more work in the next few weeks my MB will start from March 2- I got this info straight from the MB section in Buncrana. As Belcra said, it is worth giving them a call if you are unsure- they were so helpful with me and clarified some misinformation I'd been given from Citizens Information.
belcra Posts: 1097
Even if you are on Jobseekers for a few weeks after you finish work they will backdate the MB to the day after you finished work and pay you the difference between the Jobseekers and the MB for those few weeks.
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Hi I was in your position and managed to get a job just one day a week. I rang the mat Ben section in Donegal and he confirmed that all U need is 1 stamp but he was quick to add that they are looking to tighten up this rule. I think that was more for the benefit of the recording you know the way they record the calls. He said it would benefit you more to work for as long as you can coz as soon as you leave the job you apply with your p45 so you will get the money a good while before the baby arrives.