Uneven Bridal Party

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KeiraC2be Posts: 7
Hi I am having an uneven Bridal Party so to speak. We have a Chief Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid, Best Man and 2 Groomsmen plus 2 page boys and a flower girl. I am interested to see if others had the same and how walking back down the aisle work. Happy Planning :wv
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Are either of the groomsmen related to the flower girl? He could walk with her?
KeiraC2be Posts: 7
No they are not related but that shouldn't be a problem. Never even thought about that idea. TY
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Think that'd be really cute, bride & groom, chief BM & best man, BM & groomsman, flower girl & groomsman, then the two page boys. :)
MikeBurke - Photographer Posts: 43
Hi Keira, Great idea to have one of the groomsmen walking the flower girl down the aisle or you could have the three walk together with the flowergirl in between the two pageboys - that's assuming the aisle is wide enough! I suggestion I would make. Maybe try to avoid the father of the groom dressing in the same suits as the Bestman/Groomsmen - you already have an extra man in the bridal party and, if wearing the same suit, the FOG would make it two extra which might look particularly lob-sided, so to speak. Mike Burke - Photographer
KeiraC2be Posts: 7
TY for the tips. Def something to bear in mind
Carroll87 Posts: 123
Hi keirac2be, would you consider having maid of honour & best man walking down the aisle together & bm walking with both groomsmen? We're having 4 bm & 2 groomsmen & we are going to have each groomsman walk down the aisle linking arms with 2 bm's :)
KeiraC2be Posts: 7
Hi Carroll87. We did think about that but the aisle wouldn't be wide enough for three of them to walk down. I am delighted that I am not the only one with the uneven bridal party. Himself and the rest of both families found it very odd that I just wouldn't pick somebody else to match the numbers.. Not a very traditional person :o0
bridgie32 Posts: 49
We are all uneven too . . 4 flower girls, 2 bridesmaids and a best man! I really don'h think it's a big deal . . . I wouldn't ask someone just for the sake of evening up numbers!
aodonne2 Posts: 29
My bridal party is uneven too so I'm happy to hear that other people's are too! I asked my photographer about it and he said it won't have any impact on photos and that there are lots of ways to make them balanced. So I'm just deciding that it's not worth worrying about - too many other things to think about! Anytime I've ever been at a wedding all I've wanted to see is the dresses as they girls walk down the aisle so I wouldn't have noticed who walked with who! The little ones usually seem to be back with parents at that stage anyway unless they are really confident or a bit older. We might just get the two bridesmaids to walk together and have the lads walk behind them as a trio. One is much taller so he could just be slightly behind in case there's not enough space. Once the bride and groom walk out looking happy I think that's all that matters!