uninterested bridesmaid

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contented Posts: 2625
What do you do when one of your bridesmaids just wont "act" interested with the plans? i've been texting her since last september to arrange for her to see the pattern for her dress and the colour of the fabric - and guess what - no response. she is busy with a baby but still c'mon attention please
Picnic Posts: 921
Well then ring her. Things like that should not be organised by text. If she is busy with a baby then you call out to her. Give her a break.
bingowings Posts: 1388
If she has a baby to look after I'd say shes up to her eyes in that! Why not ring her and arrange to call over with the designs some night after the baby has gone to bed and bring wine and chocolates for a girlie night in?
contented Posts: 2625
i've rang several times but all i'm getting is the answering machine and you cant call without being invited. worst thing is its my cousin and i wouldnt have anyone else. ah balls O:| O:o)
Picnic Posts: 921
Maybe she's having a hard time with the baby and not feeling herself at all. Could you post them to her with a nice letter saying something along the lines that you know she is really busy etc. but you didn't want her to feel left out and you would really value her opinion.
contented Posts: 2625
thats a good idea, even just a card to say i'm thinking of her etc. excellent, much appreciated. as for the other bridesmaid its my sister and we all know what they are like!!!!
Picnic Posts: 921
Hope it works out for you.
Estobesto Posts: 632
Sounds like your BM is having a hard time with the Baba.. When I had my baby this year I found it very tough!! Sleepless nights, pure exhaustion and i think i went a little doo la la!!! I used to deliberately not answer my phone and ignore txt messages.. I didnt want to see anyone and didnt leave the house much unless I had to. The baby takes over your life in every way!! Unless you've had a baby you wont understand. A new baby is a big change and Im afraid you're wedding is probably the last thing on her mind.. Why dont you call over to her? Maybe shes not coping very well? She might need a help out..