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thismonth Posts: 21
We have invited a couple from UK(h2b's 2nd cousins). Just the couples names were on invite. Got the RSVP yesterday with their names, their daughters name her partners name and their baby's name on it. Now we have no problem with the daughter and her partner coming really it's only 2 extra but we are not having children (as in first cousins kids cause if we asked one it would end up being about 60 kids). I have asked my cousin to do prayer of the faithful and she can't do it as has nobody to mind her kids during the mass or meal so she said no and is coming to afters. So my point is can you imagine how hurt she'd be if she sees h2b far out cousins baby at chruch and recption? H2b's mom said she's not getting involved telling them in uk that no kids are invited and she won't give me their number for me to ring them either so any ideas how to sort it out? Don't really want to wait til they land here all excited bout weding only to be told no kids invited. Sorry for long post only it's really upsetting me as i'm really close to all my 1st cousins kids and they're not going. Thaks
veryv Posts: 970
I think that is really cheeky of them to assume that the whole family is invited!! I mean the couples names were the only names on the invite? If you had wrote "and family" then that would be ok but it was only for them! I also think its very mean and inconsiderate of your FMIL not to give you their phone numbers either thats just unbelievable. As they are you H2B's relations then it is up to him and his side of the family to sort it out in my opinion. Get him to speak to your mum and get the phone numbers off her, ring them and explain in a nice way that children are not invited. In fairness you are covered because you can refer to the invite specifying their names only. Dont feel that you are being mean here, if you allow those kids to come it could cause a serious rift in the family among closer relations.
thismonth Posts: 21
Yes it is really really cheeky of them. I agree with everything you've said but no way will FMIL give their number. It's your wedding you sort it is her attitude even though it's her who wanted them invited. Just don't know what to do. Thanks
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
can you just write them a letter and explain the situation?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh my god the fucking gall of them :eek O:| O:| This kind of thing drives me mad, when will some people learn that invites are given for a reason!! You'll just have to get their no or can you write to them? Just say "listen here ye thickos, I dont know what way ye do it in England but here its incredibly rude to add people on to invites, so either just the 2 of ye come or dont come at all" Maybe in a bit nicer of a way....maybe >:o) Edit to say - Just thinking, I reckon your FMIL might have something to do with the extra guests?!!
milis Posts: 7998
Whatever about invited guests coming from abroad and bringing a baby, I can't believe UNINVITED guests would. How stupid are these people? Very unfair of your FMIL not to try to help you out either, she knows them, I assume you don't! I like columbo's idea, simple, and would be less awkward than a phonecall.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
[quote="thismonth":26cxgu87]It's your wedding you sort it i[/quote:26cxgu87] And how the F are you supposed to do that if she won't give you their contact details - what a witch!! It was incredibly rude of them to have added three people to the RSVP. As another poster said, I would try to get your H2B to speak to his mother and get the contact number - it is his family causing the issue.
thismonth Posts: 21
I have no way of contacting them unless FMIL gives me the info. ANd hell will freeze over before that happens. DCee i so think you're right about her asking them too. DCee can i quote you if I get an address for them?
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
That's so cheeky... Some people have no cop on at all!! :duh: Is there anyway you could search for them on Facebook or something? You never know, you might find them and get an email address.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
did you not get their address for the invites? ask around other relations might be able to give it to you.. what is you FMIL playing at FFS. O:| O:|