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Lisaanne Posts: 80
Hi Guys, Looking for decent price unity candles and can't seem to find them anywhere!! Any ideas?? Found some on amazon for €30 which was great, but then the p&p was another €30!
lorrimar Posts: 837
There are lovely ones on http://www.candlezone.ie - they arent too expensive. You can also buy them in Easons, I saw them there a few weeks ago
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Penneys do plain candles which you could use & decorate if you want to. We are only doing the candle to light after marriage so Im going to get one from there.
sallyt Posts: 46
Is anyone just using the plain candles? Maybe I'm just totally weddinged out but it seems like a lot of effort to decorate them considering most people won't see them up close? The ready decorated ones seem expensive to me!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Yep we are using the plain pillar candle, i was going to decorate it but too much effort !
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We bought all our candles in a pound shop for around €20 - we bought white, yellow and grey ones - a mix of sizes of pillar, tall and skinny ones, tea lights etc - they're not something we felt we needed to spend a great deal of money on. We're leaving the candles for the unity display plain as I like the idea of burning them at home in the house, I don't think I'd use them if they we're decorated for the wedding... But it's really easy to decorate them, you can wrap ribbon around them or use wax paper and heat to transfer words (lyrics, quotes, names etc) on to them...I've done that before and it worked well!
plan2wed Posts: 109
We got ours from irish website all about weddings we got a deal at €30 with standard p&p. The candles are fabulous and very nicely personalised!
Lisaanne Posts: 80
Thanks ladies, I'm liking the idea of just using plain ones!
Sparklybride to be Posts: 91
Here is another supplier of wedding candles http://www.customcandlehouse.com/index.php
magryan14 Posts: 186
We got our three candles for €12. They had quotes on them from the vows. Before you buy, check with your florist, our was going to include the candles for free with the altar flowers!! Check before you buy, I got mine from a local monastery and were blessed. Was nice to have a bit of my hubby's locality on day since we were getting married in my home parish. Also check parish centres/shop they might be even cheaper there