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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Hi everyone, I remember from the marriage course that the part where you light the unity candle isn't compulsory and therefore I was wondering, do you have to get a blessed unity candle set? We got 2 candles to light the main candle at the end of our Marriage course so all we need is the larger candle, our local monastery sells blessed candles for £35, which is mad i think! Can you use a regular pillar candle for this part?
emmyb Posts: 8
Of course you could..why couldnt you? A small ritual as part of your ceremony is all it is none of it matters anyway besides signing the paper at the end of the day. Not having a blessed candle wont make you any less married. Im having a civil ceremony so I dont even have tapers from a marriage course someone made my unity candle arrangement for me as a gift and used normal candles she decorated.