Unity sand ceremony kits

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b2b2016 Posts: 26
Hi everyone, I'm getting married abroad in may and we're not having a religious ceremony so we thought having a unity sand ceremony as opposed to the traditional candles is a nice idea. Trying to locate the sand kits now n most websites are showing me ones from America n the shipping is so expensive!! Our venue is very rustic so I'm looking for something along that line. Does anyone know where I can buy these for a reasonable price? It's something I forgot to factor into our budget so we just can't spend too much!! Thanks
comprometida Posts: 143
Hi b2b2016 we are planning the same and I haven't factored in a cost either! I was actually thinking instead of buying sand we would just gather some. He is from the east coast and I am from the west so I thought maybe sand from beaches on each side of the country in separate containers and then mixing the two together. But obviously it won't be coloured sand so it depends what you prefer i guess! Still need to find pretty containers though!
esla2016 Posts: 214
Talk to your florists, mine mentioned it and seemed to know where/how to get them, we're doing candles instead so I didn't follow up on it
WOL Shop Posts: 244
The weddingsonline shop do ceremony sets.. free shipping over €40.. http://shop.weddingsonline.ie/collectio ... remony-set http://shop.weddingsonline.ie/collectio ... e-vase-set http://shop.weddingsonline.ie/collectio ... oto-frames Any questions just shout :)
comprometida Posts: 143
Hi B2B been looking for these since and came across some nice listings on Etsy - some are filled photoframes - so the sand forms the background and in front you can put a wedding photo of you! :xox And others are similar but with just initials and date in foreground. Let me know if you want me to PM details