Unpaid maternity leave - any social welfare benefits?

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi girls, My company does not pay anything for maternity leave unfortunately so I will just get the standard government pay. I assume there are no other benefits during this time I can claim other than making sure myself and DH are jointly assessed on tax so he can have more tax credits to use? Also someone mentioned that if I take the extra 16 weeks unpaid that I may be able to claim some social welfare benefits - is that true??? Thx *)
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
No you be entitled to anything; you have a job to go back to so you won't get job seekers; you aren't sick so won't get illness benefit & you aren't a one parent family so won't get that. You are choosing to be off work, you aren't out of work against your will so you won't be entitled to anything.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
As far as I know the only thing you'll be entitled to is some tax back cause you will probably overpaid tax from earlier in the year. And I think you can give your tax credits to DH if you are married so he will bring home a little more/pay less tax?
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Yeah, i was under the understanding that there were no other benefits i could claim but the girl in HR today was the one who said it so i was curious! she did not know the full details though, guess she was wrong!
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
My company don't pay either but it has turned out ok. If you can save your annual leave so as you can take that while you're out on maternity leave. Your company should pay you for public holidays while you are out; I then take a few annual leave days a month and as the total amount is below the tax threshold, it's all tax free. Plus in my final full pay packet from my company at the end of last month I got a fair chunk extra back from the tax man. Best of luck :wv