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letty Posts: 444
hi girls looking for a little advice, im due my little baby in end of october 06, all going to plan, problem is my wedding is 5th May 07.. am i giving myself enuf time to squeeze in to my dress, i had just bought my dress it will be shipped in november,, people are telling me stories that it is so hard to loose the weight,,, im eating healthy so far... any advice
charli Posts: 5994
letty, were you at a good weight before you got pg, as in were you more or less at your ideal weight? i found this was the biggest factor, i lost 1 stone at ww to get me to my target and then got pg (not planned) this worked out really well for me, i put on 2 stone during the pregnancy, i ate well (most of the time :wink: ), when my baby was born i lost 1 stone immediately, 1/2 stone in next 6-12 weeks while breastfeeding and was left with 1/2 stone extra to loose, which wasn't bad!! beware though in my second 3months maternity leave, some weight started to creep on as i was at home and eating a lot, by the time i got back to work i had 1 stone to loose and went back to ww, lost it sensibly (i guess i got back to the same point i was at before i got pg) HTH, maybe i was one of the lucky ones, i think you will meet your target, esp if it's your first baby? after that i believe it's harder or so my mother told me!!
ros Posts: 749
Hello and congratulations on baby expectations! I think you'll be just fine, once you don't have a complicated birth (e.g. a section) then you should be able to get back to a good exercise routine pretty much straight away after the baby is born. Also, be careful not to let pregnancy be your license to overeat (like I have) and pile on the pounds that way. Eating for two is just a myth, eating for one and and a sixth is more like it! The only thing I would say is that you are putting a bit of pressure on yourself this way, especially if it is very important to you to look buff and toned on your wedding day. Could you put it back by a few weeks/months? Best of luck!