Hi :) , Now every engagement ring has it's subtle differences, however, for others the difference is easy to spot. It's fair to say that the centre stone is the focal point of the ring. With the addition of a grey diamond or a yellow diamond the ring can change completely. Today we have a look at the unusual centre stones like grey diamonds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PR1087 [img:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/PR1087-1.02-Carat-Grey-Diamond-Side-Stone-Engagement-Ring-Bespoke-Diamonds.jpg[/img:13fqz2qu] The addition of the round cut grey diamond in this ring really makes the ring a unique piece. This ring contains the traditional round cut diamonds on the band of the ring. Price - €2,600 Link - [url:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/pave-set-diamond-engagement-ring-pr1087/[/url:13fqz2qu] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- VR1070 [img:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Yellow-Diamond-Oval-Halo-Ring-VR1070-1.jpg[/img:13fqz2qu] A oval cut yellow diamond sits in the centre of this ring. The yellow diamond stands out in this ring. A scallop set halo of white diamonds surrounds the centre stone. The contrast of the two coloured diamonds really makes this ring a one of a kind. Price - €2,500 Link - [url:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/pave-set-oval-halo-ring-vr1070/[/url:13fqz2qu] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PR1035 [img:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Brown-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-PR1035-2.jpg[/img:13fqz2qu] This stunning ring is set with a 0.81ct round cut fancy yellow brown diamond. Set in 18k yellow gold, the contrast of the centre stone and the band really gives this ring a unique feel. Price - €3,250 Link - [url:13fqz2qu]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/1-08ct-side-stone-diamond-ring-pr1035/[/url:13fqz2qu]