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vickyplum Posts: 118
Ok so I've bin thinking about my weding flowers and I've decided I don't really want to go for the usual large arrangements at front of church. I kinda go off on one with my imagination then find it very difficult to find what I want. But Im thinking of some sort of tressel that is made with natural sort of looking branches/twigs type wood instead of the flat plank type wood and then having ivy crawling up the tressel with some flwers as well that will match the bouquets. What do you think, is my head in the clouds? Or does this exist, I can't seem to find any piccs on the net of what I'm looking for, so help with that would be great?
bpk Posts: 845
Vicky is this for outside the doors of the Church or either side of altar ???
vickyplum Posts: 118
Our church is a bit contemporary so it has a stage at the front of the church so I was thinking of having it up there, but maybe I could put small ones at the door as well, or else I was thinking of a small flowering trees at the doors. What do you think, I'm I'm afraid of going too fqar out there and it just looking odd.
Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Sounds interesting.... go for it!
bpk Posts: 845
The flowering bay trees at the door always look fab in the photos ,it might be hard to do the trellis effect on the altar unless you have somewhere you can nail them to or something to suppoet then on . I am having to large glass vaseds filled in the cotton with fruit and the top with contorted willow and white roses ,really different but still classy . As you can see its still three weeks away but ill let you see pic if you like !
vickyplum Posts: 118
thanks clio, and pinkkitten, pics would be fab thanks , sounds class.
Parisirish Posts: 35
Hi Vickyplum! I had like pieces of curved bark in my bouquet PM me your email address and I can send you a pic if you like