Hello again!! :lvs We're back with a quick blog showcasing our range of multi-stone rings and trilogy rings. When most people think of a classic trilogy ring, it is usually a classic round three stone that comes to mind, however, these rings can actually come in all shapes and sizes. The combinations of diamond cuts and sizes seem endless, which is why we decided to show some of our favourite, more unusual styles, to get the imaginations going! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:17tdeobz]TR1014[/b:17tdeobz] [img:17tdeobz]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Princess-and-pear-trilogy-ring-TR1014-1.jpg[/img:17tdeobz] Set in 18k white gold, this three stone round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring weighs a total of [b:17tdeobz]1.22 carats[/b:17tdeobz]. Made up with a one carat princess cut diamond with [b:17tdeobz]F[/b:17tdeobz] colour and [b:17tdeobz]Si[/b:17tdeobz] clarity flanked by pear cut diamonds on either side of the band. [b:17tdeobz]Link~[/b:17tdeobz][url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/qQTC4s[/url:17tdeobz] [b:17tdeobz]Price~[/b:17tdeobz]€6,750 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:17tdeobz]TR1047[/b:17tdeobz] [img:17tdeobz]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Oval-And-Pear-Trilogy-Ring-TR1047-1.jpg[/img:17tdeobz] This is a three stone diamond ring set in 18k white gold. This ring is set with an oval brilliant cut diamond with pear diamonds on the side. Each diamond is secured in their own four claw settings. The centre diamond is [b:17tdeobz]F[/b:17tdeobz] colour with [b:17tdeobz]VS[/b:17tdeobz] clarity. [b:17tdeobz]Link~[/b:17tdeobz][url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/csFFZN[/url:17tdeobz] [b:17tdeobz]Price~[/b:17tdeobz]€4,950 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:17tdeobz]TR1020[/b:17tdeobz] [img:17tdeobz]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Unusual-Emerald-Multi-Stone-RIng-TR1020-1.jpg[/img:17tdeobz] With a total weight of [b:17tdeobz]1.40[/b:17tdeobz] carats, this multi stone diamond ring is set in 18k white gold with a [b:17tdeobz]1.00[/b:17tdeobz] carat Emerald cut centre diamond. The centre stone is in a four claw setting secured with baguette cut diamonds on the band in an unusual style of setting. [b:17tdeobz]Link~[/b:17tdeobz][url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/XCFpqy[/url:17tdeobz] [b:17tdeobz]Price~[/b:17tdeobz]€8,250 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:17tdeobz]TR1075[/b:17tdeobz] [img:17tdeobz]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/TR1063-IMG_1115-Solitaire-with-Baguette-side-stones.jpg[/img:17tdeobz] 18k White gold diamond and baguette diamond ring set with a 1ct round brilliant cut centre diamond with [b:17tdeobz]F[/b:17tdeobz] colour & [b:17tdeobz]Si[/b:17tdeobz] clarity. [b:17tdeobz]Link~[/b:17tdeobz][url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/9zaS7N[/url:17tdeobz] [b:17tdeobz]Price~[/b:17tdeobz]€7,950 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:17tdeobz]TR1065[/b:17tdeobz] [img:17tdeobz]https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Radiant-and-Trillion-Ring-TR1065-1.jpg[/img:17tdeobz] This is a 1.42ct multi stone engagement ring. It is made in 18k white gold. The centre stone is a [b:17tdeobz]0.92ct[/b:17tdeobz] radiant brillant cut diamond, with a colour[b:17tdeobz] D [/b:17tdeobz]and a clarity of[b:17tdeobz] Si2[/b:17tdeobz]. The centre stone is accompanied by one trillion stone on each side in a claw setting. [b:17tdeobz]Link~[/b:17tdeobz][url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/CmMT5Z[/url:17tdeobz] [b:17tdeobz]Price~[/b:17tdeobz]€6,200 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, these are just a few of the many beautiful multi-stone rings we have available to view in our showroom on Kildare Street (just off Grafton Street). See here for more of this range: [url:17tdeobz]https://goo.gl/RfxXsU[/url:17tdeobz] All you have to do is make an appointment to start the journey to finding your perfect engagement ring! Until next time :wv