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pinky winky Posts: 564
Expecting number 2 in July and I am struggling to come up with any names for this little one. My Ds has quite another unusual name (I've never met another person with his name) so I'd like this baby to have a name that doesn't sound weird with his name if that makes any sense! So go on tell me your unusual name choices or any other names that hit the spot for you :wv
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
I'm not a massive fan of Irish names but I like Súin and Liadain. The Welsh name Seren is pretty, and I also like Ramona, the Dylan song and therefore the name. Rosa (as in Parks) gets a positive nod too.
Apache Posts: 182
I named my daughter Karenza. It's a Cornish name, and since my husband is from Cornwall I thought it was appropriate. It means love, or loved, in Cornish. :lvs
ournextbigadventure Posts: 144
Yep I'm also a fan of the name Siún too. And recently heard the name Fiadh for a girl too and loved it but it's out for me because it'd sound terrible with my surname!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh's wee one is called Nia. Irish for radiance. I've a bit of an on-going crush on Mairead. Her current series on song (Friday evenings, RTE 1) is great. She should be on the telly more. So yeah, where were we before I interrupted myself... Mason. Heard that one for a boy the other day. I'm trying out a new facial expression that shows I'm prepared to sit on the fence on the matter. How's this? *looks severely constipated*
Dub M Posts: 269
Kardashians have ruined mason for me sadly. I Like Siun or Siofra or Sadhbh ,Iseult not weird but not as popular as Caoimhe or Niamh's. Fiadh means Deer I think. Love Rosa or the Irish Roise (Rosha) or Siomha (sheeva) ,Doireann? What about Carys? It's welsh and pretty. I love Seren too WCL but not a runner here.
lezah252 Posts: 136
Some fab nAmes here I also love fiadh and laoise! Nia is one I haven't heard before and it's lovely! Anyone have any ideas on boys names the only one both myself And hubby like is rian! Any other suggestions?!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Suppose it all depends on what you class as unusual....I like suin, fiadh, beibhinn, senan, fionn etc. but I don't consider them unusual... Leighton, Jarleth, Fletcher, Reuben, Elijah for boys and Lotti, Isla, Lexie and Elise for girls are a few of the nicest names I've heard recently.... Are they unusual in your opinion PinkyWinky? Would love to hear your wee fella's name!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Caleb is lovely for a boy, or just Cal. I don't know any Súins meself so would consider it unusual.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
I promise this isn't just nosiness, but if you were to tell us your first little one's name it'd be much easier to suggest something that 'matches'...