upcoming weddding at seafield hotel

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amy oscar Posts: 7
Hi I'm getting married next year at seafield hotel and I'm very anxious as the wedding coordinator I was using since we booked has gone sick and turned out not to have carried out many of the things iv asked and just general problems. Has anyone else who has there wedding expérienced this here , would love my mind to be put at ease
Dolly83 Posts: 63
Hi Ami, I'm having my wedding there soon. I too was having major headaches. That coordinator has since left and the girl who has taken her place is not experienced in weddings, doesn't actually have a hospitality background either. She is lovely, but not very professional (smiley faces at end of emails, telling me she can only meet at certain times cos she has to get home to the kids - guilt trip!). I've had a few issues with them that I'm still waiting to resolve (lost my MIL last week so didn't have the fight in me in the last few weeks to address them yet.) Accommodation is a big issue with the hotel. Our guests were told that the hotel was booked out and when we kicked up a fuss they magically found another 10 rooms for us. If there is a wedding the day before the guests from other weddings overlap so get your guests to book ASAP. The stuff promised to us by the last coordinator like decor isn't going to happen - they don't have that stuff anymore as they changed florist. I had my menu tasting recently and despite warning them in advance only to serve exactly how we were to get food on the day it came out totally different. None of the staff at the tasting could answer any of the questions we had either. I have to say - they've made the experience stressful. With everything going on with my MIL we genuinely considered cancelling just to get away from the hotel - they seem to be trying to offer a high end wedding but don't do them half as well as your average 4 star "wedding" hotel like Amber Springs or Ashdown in the area. PM me if you need me to go through stuff with you xx
amy oscar Posts: 7
So sorry to hear about your mil, your having a worse time then me. I private messages you.
jenny7785 Posts: 158
its ridiculous that your venue is making you feel that way. please please please dont let them treat you badly on your wedding day, so many brides are afraid to make a fuss in case ppl think you are being a bridezillla. but i would firstly ring the hotel and arrange a meeting with the general manager and inform him that you're not happy. if he doesnt offer to help you immediatley then point out that they are not doing what was agreed on contract when deposit was paid and if they dont sort it out you want your deposit back. there are so many other hotels that would go above and beyond for you on your special day
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
I had the same issue with my venue. We booked our wedding last November at a 5* hotel. The wedding co-ordinator at the time was excellent but she left. We are now on our fourth co-ordinator. One in particular promised us the world and it transpired after he left that he never communicated any of our wishes to the powers that be and very little of it ended up actually being possible. Our current co-ordinator is brilliant though. Couldn't be happier with her. The hotel apologised profusely for the bad service that we experienced up until now and were sweet enough to give us a champagne dinner on the house along with a lovely gift of a designer candle and wedding magazines to make up for it. This is what you should be expecting. A decent apology and for things to be sorted out immediately. Service should be on point at all times. Weddings are stressful enough to organise as it is without having the hotel, who you are undoubtedly paying thousands to for their service, making it even worse for you. I would suggest sending a strongly worded email and cc the manager or ask to meet with the GM as suggested above. Read your contract. It may be well within your rights to have it rescinded and the deposit returned as a result of the breaches of terms on the hotel's part.
amy oscar Posts: 7
Thanks guys for the replays its nice to be able to vent. I met yesterday with them but this was when I found out the old wedding coordinator promised things she did not Do. I was expecting for them to at least try and compensate us for the trouble to date but instead of that I was told the favours I have cannot be used In the hotel and if I wish to go down to the beach for pictures I was to either walk or I had to PAY for the rental of a golf buggy to bring me. I was wondering was I on camera on a tv show
allsĂșn Posts: 253
If you've already been talking to management maybe do as someone has suggested and look at your contract with them. I know when a close family member got married (elsewhere) , two days before the wedding the hotel realised they had double booked the ceremony room and the couple had to use a different one (incidentally it was nicer). The hotel were so afraid to tell the groom incase they cancelled the wedding, as they were within their rights according to the contract. They got all sorts of extras thrown,in such a toasts drinks, there were are few things given I can't remember them all,basically what the groom asked for was given to them.I know it shouldn't come down to it but sometimes just the threat is enough.
jenny7785 Posts: 158
I wouldnt listen to that, after the problems you have had so far I would be informing the hotel manager that unless your wedding favours are going to cause harm in some way that you are having them, i dont know what they could possibly be that they wouldnt let you have them. and a golf buggy down to the beach is the least they can do after the stress ou have had to deal with. if they arent willing to help make you day as special as you want then why would you have your wedding there. and inform them that not only will you have to explain to all your guests why you feel your wedding day has been ruined but you will also be posting it on here for other brides to see before they go near the hotel. DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT!!!!! you dont deserve the stress
amy oscar Posts: 7
Hi girls I spoke with the events manager yesterday. I'm getting the golf buggy free. Least they could do. And iv made it clear that if there is anymore problems II'll be pulling the wedding. A country house not far away has been so helpfully and has our fate free at the min so it would not be so hard to do it. I'm hoping that's the end of the problems.
CeceBe Posts: 1
Hi Ladies, I know this thread is a bit old but I am just wondering how did your wedding days in the Seafield go in the end? I am considering it for a NYE wedding but I don't know anyone who got married there and I need an honest opinion on the food mainly!! It is quite expensive especially for that date and there is a lot more reasonable places around but the place is just fab! Looking forward to hearing about your wedding days!!