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cirquedesoliel Posts: 279
YES! this is another mil rant... she is wrecking my head so basically the jist of it all is its her birthday coming up! a big one!! and she asked me would i organise it.. so i said jeepers ya! its what i do best!! organise parties etc! so i book the venue for the saturday night, book the dj, arrange food with the hotel etc and advise her of all of this! THEN!!!! she comes back to me about a month later and says she has been in contact with the hotel in question and has booked it for the Friday night, has booked the DJ and has organised the food! WOOEEEEE there!! i told her that she had asked me to do this for the saturday night and she said that saturday didnt suit, and i told her that she would have to have a party so without her son present as he had work committments that could not be rearranged! (she worships this son (my HUBBIE) so him not being there is out of the question for her) i also told her that deposits had been paid SO i said sure look no harm i will get my money back and you can organise the whole thing yourself! im washing my hands of it! NOW dont get me wrong i wasnt narky or anything i was quite placid and it was taken in good meaning...... sooo NOW i hear that her other dil is giving her a hand with it all...... and she asks me would i organise the cake! i have now PAID for the cake gotton a photo of her on the top of it and ITS FANTASTIC if i do say so myself :hyper: :hyper: SOOOOOOO last night she rings me and we have a great conversation and she lands me with oh my other son is organisign the cake for my bday! this woman is hyper! :eek GIVE ME A BREAK WOMAN!! can i do anything!!!! so im seriously washing my hands of it!!! if she asks me to do anything else for her now im saying no! she is constantly bending my ear about her other son and his wife who have MOVED to the opposite side of the county to get away from her!! and we are living next door to her! i bend over backwards for this WOMAn and this is what i get! its kinda like she knows i will always be here for her but if her other dil or son comes along she will happily cast me aside coz again she knows im always here ok! sorry just needed to let it rip am soo mad with her! she also asked me if all my family will come to the party and in the same breath says that if tehy come that will make it to a 100 and if everyone gives her €70 then she will make a packet out of her bday :eek this is deplorable! she is having a party to make money!! god love her! what if people just give her a card with a fiver in it will she ask them to leave or ask them for the other 65!!! am i over reacting??? seriously...
frankenbride Posts: 419
Under-reacting more like!! I think the old fashioned women just like to be the matriarch and treated that way. They don't notice when they are putting everyone out just to suit them. If I was you I'd go to the party with your cake and tell her that's her present and nothing else as you used the rest of you cash on the non-refundable deposits.
gimmebabyplz Posts: 141
What a friggin wagon!!!! Does she know you have paid for a cake already?
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
That'd be the last thing I ever did for her >:o( Does she not realise that you actually paid deposits and paid for a cake etc and that this money is wasted? I'd be letting her know what she has cost you..............
cirquedesoliel Posts: 279
ya she knows! well i think she has the memory of a goldfish as she "did" know!! lol anyways i got so worked up about it while ago that i rang dh and he siad "i told you so" argh hate it when he is right! he told me from the start not to get involved with her!!! soo thats me! hands washed not gettnig involved again! now the next problem that has arose is she has told some people one date and a few other another date! so me thinks that someone is going to have to step in before it gets outta hand as both dates are a week apart!! god give me strength she's a scream! I can hand on heart say that this would not happen if she had left me in charge! but im not the one to say i told you so i will leave taht to her son :o0
me julie Posts: 368
no matter what you do this woman will never change i have same things happen with mine all the time so let her off but i would tell her that you had cake done and see her reaction
Jawl Posts: 8881
How old is she?? Sometimes my mam forgets little things like this. I put it down to her age, she's almost 61, but she just gets scatty about things sometimes.
cirquedesoliel Posts: 279
it will be her 60th but tbh she is totally clued in! doest forgot things at all (i know that contradicts what i previously posted) she's a cute W&Ore has done loads of stuff in the last year that she shouldnt have, having been told NOT to do it and then pretending that she had forgotton!!! she'd put years on ya!!! i did get all my deposits back thank god! god im sc$rewed if she ever reads this!! lol to name but a few (1) dont touch my washing on the line (2) mum is wearing pink n silver for wedding, what does she do! wears pink (3) buys exact same shrug as my mum for the wedding and then insists on being at the church before everyone wearing it so my mum has to change. (4) dont make dh dinner, im his wife i will do it....... (5) if you want your dishes back stop filling them with food for dh (6) stop taking our post and opening it, your warping the letter box with your big fat hands (7) no the dh can;t do the tiling in our own house coz he has to cart your fat ar&e around town on his days off (8) no you cant sit in the front seat its reserved for his WIFE (9) stop stuffing your face with my dinner there is only enough for the two of us so quit stealing from my plate (10) stop critising me to my neighbours i will hear about it. deep breath and relax.............
Sprocket Posts: 1671
She's expecting money for birthday presents??? :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh cheeky madam!!!
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
what a piece of work cant believe she is expecting to make money out of her birthday Keep well clear of her and never agree to do anything for her again people like this make my blood boil