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Mrs. Ally Posts: 298
Well girls, I went to the doctor this morning before I came to work seeing that I still haven't got my pd. He did yet another pg test and low and behold it was negative (like the 4 I did myself) so today at 2 I'm going to the hospital for a hormone imbalance bloodtest(I could have told them already that I was imbalanced!!) so hopefully I'll get sorted when the results roll around. I'd just like to say "thanks" to all my WOL buddies who advised me up till now with my problem!!! so (((((((big hugs!))))))) to you all Mrs. Ally :) :)
MrsSan Posts: 475
Best of luck with the bloodtest Mrs. Ally, keep us posted xx
Gerbera Posts: 539
Best of Luck with the blood test Mrs.Ally, at least you got an appointment pretty quickly and you're not left thinking it over for weeks on end! Let us know how you get on!
snozberry Posts: 1212
Good luck today - keep us posted!
Mrs. Ally Posts: 298
Thanks girls, promise to keep you posted, how could I not, you all have kept me slightly sane over the past couple of weeks. Appreciate all your comments. Ally
MrsSimba Posts: 205
HI there, have you had a period since coming off the pill?, i.e. not including the one you get straight away?
Mrs. Ally Posts: 298
Yes Mrs. Simba, I had one when I came off the pill and my last one was the beginning of September so today I am exactly 10 days overdue om my pd and in the last few days I am getting really bad cramps in my side that I can barely put my foot to the floor so that's why I decided to go the doc this morning and now I'm off to get my bloodtest done to see what's going on inside me!!!
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Best of luck Mrs Ally, I'm sure it'll be relief to get some answers. Doesn't time stand still when your waiting on a late period, whatever your situation? :roll:
MrsSimba Posts: 205
Best of luck Mrs Ally, hope all is ok x
rio Posts: 995
best of luck mrs ally, try not to worry and hope all goes ok x x x