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pinchingo Posts: 341
Ok girlies I read the comments about Holles Street and their consultants and who you have picked and have seen in the course of your pregnancy. My question is I am semi private in Holles Street and I picked a consultant with the Doctor when my pregnancy was confirmed but I have never seen the named consultant. Her name was Sharon Sheehan, have been in Holles St for the usual appointments and have just seen the docs so is this normal do I only see the consultant if there is something wrong or should I have seen her before this, It says on my file Consultant Assistant Master.
lila Posts: 982
Hi - you should see your consultant at each visit to HS. Do you attend your consultant the day she runs her clinic? It might be that you are unlucky and she is called away and has another doctor covering for her. I attend Dr Boylan and have seen him each time I attend his clinic.
pinchingo Posts: 341
Thanks for the reply lila I haven't ever seen my so called consultant, I've been in the clinic about 4 times now for check ups so I usually go the semi private porta cabin place, do a urine test and q for a doc with all the other ladies she takes my blood pressure and does a scan for the heart beat etc and thats it. Its just was when I saw another post about picking a consultant from another wollie that I start to wonder was I meant to see someone along with the appointments that I already have. I'm a first timer so don't really have a clue ! Any help is much appreciated!
Water-girl Posts: 88
Hi Pinchingo I was with Dr.Sheehan in SP but she left in Oct (not that HS told me, I had to figure it out for myself...) There is a replacement consultant for her on Wednesdays anyway Dr.Marie Christine, Ive only met her once. I'm 35 weeks and have only had one visit without seeing my consultant so you should prob mention something if you don't get to see one. It might just be bad luck and they've been away/in theatre the days you were there.
pinchingo Posts: 341
Thanks Water-girl I didn't know she had left I'm gonna ring Holles St and see what my story is I have never see a consultant and i've paid all my fees so i don't want to be getting ripped off because the 900 quid was hard to come by!
pinchingo Posts: 341
Ok I rang Holles St there and said that I hadn't seen a consultant in any of my check ups I told her i had signed up with Dr Sheehan but believe that she no longer worked there and of course i had to get the snooty old won on the phone who was all like yeah she's left since last January and who have been seeing and I told her that I saw the Docs in the semi private clinic on a Friday afternoon and she was there not Doctors they're Assistant masters they do the jobs of a consultant but just don't get paid as much thanks to James O'Reilly TD and I was well i've paid semi-private fees to see a consultant and i'm not so can i be put on someone's rota and she was no not at this stage and she was like why whats wrong with the the Assistants masters and I said nothing that i'm aware but i've paid for a consultant so shud I not be seeing one? And she said the A.M. do all they work they will be with you when you give birth you won't see a Consultant so u better stick with what u know and I getting really confused at this stage!! So i'm none the wiser can any wollie help! Please
lila Posts: 982
I wouldn't worry too much - Doctors/consultants - they are all pretty much the same thing in my opinion. I think its just how people refer to them. They are all very well qualified - some more experienced than others but thats the same with every profession. How many weeks are you? I'm just a little confused if Dr Sheehan left last January, why was she assigned to you? In the SP clinic, the queues are shorter and tend to move a lot faster than the public queues. When you choose SP care, were you not asked which Dr you wanted to see? If you didn't choose one, they usually do it for you. I wouldn't worry too much - you are still getting excellent care and the accommodation on the wards afterwards is the main reason I choose SP care....
pinchingo Posts: 341
Thank Lila as I said first timer so don't really know the in's and out's, i'm sure the care that i'm receiving would be the same as a consultant but I just needed to be sure. i'm 32 weeks tomorrow and my doc recommended Dr Sheehan because she was a good thyroid doc as well so the lady in HS said it was docs fault. Oh well! :duh:
CherylC Posts: 1071
I wouldn't worry too much either. When you sign up for semi-private you're not guaranteed to see a consultant - you're just assigned to their team and you could see any of their team on your visits. They are all the same really i would say. It is a bit odd that she has left and they didn't say anything, but I guess it happens.
Dub M Posts: 269
Just to let you know I m attending Dr Boylan in Holles St and the last few visits half the queue have been called for a Dr Sheahan. I always wondered why the queues for this Dr were so long as Dr Boylan is lovely but very efficient. Anyway today for the first time they called the other queue "Assistant Master" queue as opposed to Dr Sheahan so maybe they have realised you cant keep quoting a consultant no longer there. The Dr was taking a lot longer than Dr Boylan but then everyone seemed happy to wait. Either way, theres no chance you can argue that you havent seen the "consultant" and look for money back. I might go public nxt time as aint no difference that I can see! HTH