Upgrading Engagment Ring

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Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Hi All I was just wondering something - we got engaged a year ago and i picked out my ring and we had a budget as money was a bit tight at the time Now i love my ring dont get me wrong but h2b said to me the other night would I like to get my ring upsized and make it a bit more bling - the more i think of it now the more i want to do it - but im a big scared - the thing is it wont be the ring i feel in love with and i feel it might be a bit unlucky Can anyone advise me on this - has anyone got it done? Thanks
sandy13 Posts: 939
i could do with a bit of advice on that too, im thinking of changing mine after the wedding like yourself it was bought on a budget and its a bit small i would love a bigger one, not to big just nice, i was thinking it could be unlucky or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Sandy :wv
baby2010 Posts: 908
I don't know anything about the luck part of it but I'd keep the original This is coming from the fact that I've left my engagement ring in to be resized last Saturday, I've borrowed a ring from my mother for the week as it was wierd not having a ring on my finger after so long. Now everytime I see the other ring on my finger it's just not right...and it's not that unlike an engagement ring. I can't wait to pick up my own from the jewellers.
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Id be keeping the original ring as the band is a 3mm but just upsizing the stones in it - well that was the plan anyway - I wouldnt be able to change the style of the ring as my wedding band is ordered already
bumble Posts: 1980
H2B sister got her ring changed...basically she wanted it more bling so she got her ring reset - stones the same but added smaller sparkly diamonds all around it. She loves it. It's really up to what you like. If you love your ring already i wouldn't change it - unless for example you wanted to upgrade the setting...e.g. if you had white gold and would prefer it platinum. You could also keep your existing ring and just have another diamond added....can you post a pic of your ring and we can make suggestions??! Another thing you could do is save the money and get a bling wedding band to go with your e-ring.
Shelle Posts: 74
I got my E ring upgraded cos I couldnt get a wedding to match my wedding band... there were yellow gold swirls on each side of the diamond pedestal. On my "new" ring, the swirls are now a white gold with 3 diamonds set into each swirl. Wedding band has no stones, but the edges are bevelled.... hope that makes sense!
naughton Posts: 111
If you love the ring as it is just leave it and get a bling wedding band as another poster sugested. Or, thinking ahead, your generous H2B could get you a bling eternity ring for your first aniversary etc, there are some lovely styles of eternity rings about, infact when we were looking, we were going to go for one as the Engagement ring. Go with your gut feeling, don't be bothered by the luck thing...
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
You got me thinking there now naughton about the eternity ring It would make proper sense to get a nice blingy eternity ring - My wedding ring has 4 little stones in it already Thanks naughton
Huggles Posts: 1108
Personally, I wouldn't change it because it's the ring that meant so much at that moment. I think it represents your love and the elation you felt when you got in engaged to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. :-8 I could never change mine, I don't even take it off!
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Thanks girls The thing is it never bother me until h2b said it to me I do really love my ring - its just that he got me thinking