Uplighters? Where, how much?

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evelynbride Posts: 65
Hi girls, do u know where to hire uplighters for venue? How much? Who supplier?
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Sharon from Frog Prince Weddings does them. I cannot rem how much she charged me. Sorry
perfection Posts: 837
found this post hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!!! [quote="trandy":3s86bd90]Hi Girls Try Dollard Audio Visual, theyre based in Laois, website is www.dollardav.ie and email addressis [email protected] i have a booking for this christmas hes charging €12 per led par uplighter, plus Im getting other stuff for free and paying for a few extras. Dont forget all this needs to be taken away for the next morning plus hes has someone staying for the evening /night. T.[/quote:3s86bd90]
evelynbride Posts: 65
luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
I went to the RDS Bridal show and i was quoted 20euro per lighter, i didn't ask any more questions so maybe you could get a deal if you rented a few. I think it was frog princess but don't quote me on that