Uppa vista...where can you buy it?

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
Would I be right in saying usual shops don't stick ur like mothercare, smyths and euro baby? Where would you recommend to go? Also ppl have been recommending this system, has anyone got one? Would you recommend? I had liked Quinny Mood but was a bit expensive
gopro Posts: 1801
we got it in babybiz in naas the ace a branch in dun laoigre murph us rathcoole n Wexford do it belle baby dundrum they are the ones I know of we brought our little lady home on tues n she loved sleepin in it durin the day
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Yes I got mine in Murphys - it's a very good baby store. Also Bella Baby in Dundrum sells it. Tony Kealey's is another baby shop but they dont do the Uppababy, neither does Mothercare. I have the Uppababy - loved it when I tested it out amongst loads of other makes - I havent actually started to use it yet - but can't wait to!!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
This shop in Cork sells them and do EXCELLENT deals.... http://www.babynursery.ie/ We were 50-50 for the Vista - Bugaboo but bugaboo just nipped it but Vista is a great buggy Also if you are looking for a good deal, mothercare are offering excellent deal on the Quinny Buzz http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... =1&theater edited to say Tony Kealys now stock them also http://www.tonykealys.com/uppababy-vista-2012.html
Beedy Posts: 112
I got mine in Bella Baby. it's an excellent travel system. Couple of things though: - the pram / bassinet isn't very big. i use it for when DS is sleeping downstairs or when I bring him out walking when he's asleep, but he's getting v tall and now, at 2 months, he's the length of the pram so we won't get much longer out if it. - the mattress cover for the pram mattress shrinks a little when washed for the first time. This happened me and they gave me a free replacement one but it happened again. I read afterwards online that this is a common occurrence. i was afraid there'd be a safety issue but it's absolutely fine and DS doesn't notice and now i have two covers! - if you're getting a maxi cosy with it, buy the rain cover at the same time (only about €15). Covers come with the rest of the buggy bits but not the maxi cosy, which is what you'll be using most of the time when you're out Would i recommend it? Absolutely. It's really easy to manoeuvre, fold away etc. it's really sturdy. It's not advertised as a "running" buggy but I've jogged with it and it's fine. It has an enormous basket underneath (the one thing mothers complain about on other buggies is the small basket). I did a full shop in Dunnes including a 24 pack of toilet roll one day and fitted the lot into the Vista's basket!!!. The other GREAT thing is the height of it. You're not bending down to access/lift baby and the handle is adjustable, wihch is handy if you're small and your partner is tall (or vice versa!) and need it at different heights