Uppababy Vista - car boot

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daisy2012 Posts: 619
Hi all, Hope someone can help!!! We have started looking at buggies/ travel systems - what a minefield!!!!! Really like the look of the Uppababy vista - we have a vw polo at the mo, and there was no way it was fitting into the boot - we tried!!!! We are planning on getting a new car anyway - looking at a ford focus hatchback - does anyone have an uppababy or tried it out in one of the shops???? Will it fit into a focus boot or do I need to go for a saloon?? Any advice or experience greatly appreciated!!!! Cheers
wifetob Posts: 936
Can't save for sure re: uppababy but I have a hatchback focus and it has a really decent sized boot. If you check the dimensions of the buggy you could compare to those of the boot.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I have a Ford Focus hatchback and have bought the Uppababy Vista. The boot is a fairly decent size but haven't tried the pram in it yet for size but we will try it out over the coming week and I will report back to you.
bippityboppityboo Posts: 84
I have an Opel Astra and my Vista fits in no problem. My DS has just started using the seat and with the whole thing folded as one unit it still fits in no problem. HTH
Sassypants Posts: 4461
OP - We have a tiny boot (Hyundai Getz) and the Vista wouldn't fit either so we bought an Uppababy Cruz. It's fabulous! Slightly smaller and lighter than Vista but every bit as good and nice. Fits perfectly in boot too!
daisy2012 Posts: 619
Thanks for the replies everyone!!! Oh sassypants, my OH is gonna be raging to hear we have to go back to the shops to see the Cruz now!!!!! Hadn't heard of it before, but def worth looking into - one thing thats putting me off the vista is that its slightly bulkier than say the bugaboo. The wheels on the cruz look great though, very neat and tidy. How are you doing without the bassinet Sassypants?