Upset at work now can't bleep bleep bleep sleep!!!

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QueenofDiamonds Posts: 282
Had a confrontation with male supervisor at work. He has gotta be the most ignorant man I know. He DEMANDS you do things NOT asks like my other supervisors do. He has made demeaning comments about me to other co-workers in my presence. He shouts them out loud when you are about to go home. I have reported him before for making a humiliating comments about me in front of co-workers. I was advised to by somebody who also heard what he said. I am not the only person to have reported him. He was moved away from the section where I work for 2 months but now he is back. I feel uncomfortable working near him and have no respect for him. I like my job but working in the vicinity of this person is upsetting me. I can't sleep tonight and don't want this p**ck anywhere near me. >:o( Maybe I might feel better for getting this of my chest.
Liela Posts: 181
Hi Queenof Diamonds, hope you got to sleep in the end. God that sounds awful. What happened when you complained? There is nothing worse than being unhappy in your job. See what you can do like tell him somethiing is inapproriate when he says it or say well that's not very helpful is it. But to be honest if you try and nothing happens you are better off out of the situation in the long term. It can destroy you. Your self esteem can take a battering. Can you transfer to another section? Failing all else, put some dog poo in his desk drawer!
gerbil Posts: 3528
ya porr ept! I hope you got back to sleep a feckwit like that isn't worth losing sleep over! Don't let him ruin your job for you! you are in the right, you did the correct thing in reporting him, I'd let him know that if he insults you again you'll report him just as quick! BEST OF LUCK!
QueenofDiamonds Posts: 282
[quote:1xcfx2fx] God that sounds awful. What happened when you complained?[/quote:1xcfx2fx] It was taken seriously as I have been over 6 years in my job and have been very happy. I had heard people complaining about this guy before but I didn't have to work with him as he was flitting around different sections. I was told not to let him away with anything so most of the time I just ignore him since previous 2 incidents, don't speak to him only answer if an answer is needed but he seems to take pleasure in having a confrontation by making stupid remarks. Anyway I might look in to moving section. I have taken a half day today anyhow as I didn't get my beauty sleep till 5am. Thanks to both of you for your replies. :thnk
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Keep a log of all incidents in a diary. You may never need to use it, but it's a handy war chest if something happens in the future.
QueenofDiamonds Posts: 282
I was actually advised to do that before. O.k might check out Easons to day for a brand new shiny diary! Liela: [quote:5mbovqyx]Failing all else, put some dog poo in his desk drawer![/quote:5mbovqyx] :o0 :o0
Miah Posts: 2738
Report him again and tell them that you cannot work aroundhim any more. if they don't do anything about it, then leave and sue them for constructive dismissal >:o)
QueenofDiamonds Posts: 282
Funny enough when I went into work yesterday afternoon he wasn't working in my section. Hopefully this was not just a coincidence and he has flucked off to some other section. O-O
playabella Posts: 543
There's nothing worse than working with arseholes, especially if they are above you. I have been in that situation before so I know what it's like. It sounds like this person is a bully and enjoys intimidating you infront of other people. You have to stand up to him and if he puts you down again infront of other people pull him aside and advise him that his behaviour is unacceptable and you wont put up with it. Failing that wait for him outside and knee him in the goolies!!! :o0