Upset: early scan & only saw sac Update

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pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Hi Girls, First of all, I'm on the November babies thread so if any of the mammy's to be from the thread read this, I'm sorry I'm not posting this there, but there was so much positivity on the thread today that I just didn't want to bring down the good vibes. Hope you understand. So I had an early scan today at 6w+3. They could only see the sac and said I might be earlier than I thought (hopefully.) Have to go in next week for another one to see if there is any progress. They said I what they saw on scan is consistent with 5 weeks. Not sure of ovulation so it's quite possible that I am only 5 weeks. But I just feel awful. I wish it was next week and I just knew one way or the other :o( Feel like I can't even think that I'm still pregnant. I know that sounds weird. Did anyone have this and it turned out good? Thanks girls. UPDATE: Hi girls, I just wanted to come back and update this as you were all so good to reply to me. Unfortunately things did not work out. I had a lot of bleeding and cramping over the weekend. When I went for the scan, there had been some growth but still no heartbeat. To cut a long story short, I miscarried yesterday :o( I know it is for the best though as I really felt things weren't right. Thank you all for your kind words on this thread. :lvs
70schick Posts: 201
Hi pinkerbelle, you poor thing :action32 I know what you are going through to a certain extent but I only had the scan because of a bleed so thankfully you are not going through that which is a very positive thing. Things didn't turn out well for me but again circumstances were different to you. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I know what it feels like to be told your dates don't match and it is scary and confusing. However there is a chance that you ovulated later and all will be just fine. On my first pregnancy I was dated at 11 weeks not the 12 that I had assumed and was ready to bet my life on. Consultant said I had ovulated later than I thought, simple as that and all worked out ok for us. I will keep everything crossed for you! Please don't give up! Stay as busy as you can this week and I will look forward to hearing good news from you soon X
Thisishappening Posts: 163
There is every chance you are earlier than you thought. Try and hold on to that. I know it's hard but a week or even a few days one way or the other makes a huge difference at that early stage. Try to relax. If you do get bad news the girls here are a wonderful support and you can feel free to come on whenever you need to vent and even use this thread to get your worries out in the open. I've found great help from wollies in the past.
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
I wouldnt worry just yet, easier said than done i know but your dates could very well be out. How are you feeling? Have you symptoms and all that? Is there any reason you went for the early scan in the first place or was it a private scan.
divinity Posts: 25
Aw pinkerbelle, that must have been so upsetting. Apparently, It's common to only see sac in 5th week, so if you're unsure of ovulation date and the fact that implantation can take place anytime from 6-12dpo, there's actually a good chance you may be earlier than you think. I'm praying for you.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Pinker belle you poor thing. If its any consolation I was put two full weeks back on dd1 and she's 5 now! Had early scan at 7 weeks due to bleed but I was only measuring 5 and all was well. Fingers crossed for you.
hope2beemum Posts: 124
Hi pinkerbelle, I had the same happen to me. I had a small bleed and went in for a scan and they could only see the sac. I was unsure of my dates due to irregular periods but I was still convinced I should have been further along than the 5 weeks I was dated at. I had to go back a week later and to be honest it was the longest week of my life. Please do yourself a favour and try not to google too much because it really doesn't help. Anyway at the next scan I was dated at 6w 3d and there was a little heartbeat. It was amazing. I felt like I'd wasted the last week worrying over nothing. Unfortunately 2 weeks later I had a miscarriage. It was completely unrelated. But please try not to worry. It's hopefully just a mix up with your dates. I really hope everything works out for you. Xx
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Oh pinker belle you poor thing. What a worry. Don't leave the nov thread just yet and there are bound to be good and bad stories but we stick together through it all! I've had similar experiences, both good and bad. With one I measured over a week under what I should have been and there was no heartbeat. I shoul have been over six weeks but measured five. The wait for the next scan was a killer and the relief at the next scan was awesome. That little one is now almost three and snuggled up with me right now having breakfast in bed. Positive mental attitude all the way. Praying you will get good news too.
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Did they take blood to check your hcg level hon. You could get blood taken 2 days apart and see if its rising normally? That might prepare you one way or the other for the scan next week
fluffybaby Posts: 174
Pinkerbelle - you poor poor thing, big hugs to you. I'm sure you are just wishing the days away until next scan. How are your symptoms?? I had that same wait on my pregnancy previous to this one and unfortunately I didnt get good news at the re-scan. My symptoms were not strong at all however and deep down I "knew" what the outcome would be. Really really hope that dates are just out and you have a little baby and heartbeat there next week. Sending positive vibes x