Upset over peoples judgement

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MsODToBe Posts: 2
Me and my fiance are getting married next summer and at the moment we cant afford to rent or buy a house and save for a wedding at the same time. We are paying for everything ourselves which can be quite stressful. We are living seperately at the moment and we should be able to buy after the wedding. I hate when people ask us o so where are ye living now and when we explain the situation they usually have a smart comment and I get so upset about it. We stay together in his parents house for half of the week and the other half I move home for work.. this is something we have to do for another small while but I cant help but get upset when people judge us. They have no idea what our life is like so it can be hard. We both love each other so much and I wish times were easier for us but they will be in time. Just wanted to come and vent and say I just wish people would stop with hurtful comments
futuremrskelly Posts: 220
People are so easy to judge but try not to let it get to you. There are lots of people in your situation, so don't worry. we're getting married in 9 weeks and we are currently renting. We couldn't do wedding, rent and save for a mortgage so we need to tackle the mortgage situation after the wedding please god. Recently someone asked me where we would be living after we get married - stereotypical older person who thinks we shouldn't be living together until we're married. Getting off the point but what I'm trying to say is people will always have an opinion. If you'd just bought a house, and got married they would be questioning where all your money is coming from! Its your day and build up, don't let be grudgers ruin it for you! x
MsODToBe Posts: 2
Thanks very much for your response. It is nice to know other couples are going through the same thing.. enjoy the build up to your wedding over the next 9 weeks and all the best for your wedding day and future x