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butterflylady Posts: 71
Hi Girls, I posted yesterday and told you I had done a HPT (Clearblue Digital) and it came up positive.I was delighted. Anyway I went to the Doctor and she did 2 tests that came up negative.I was heartbroken as you can imagine.She did a blood test and should know for definite later today. I was wondering if any of you had similar experiences? Thanks a million xx
iseult Posts: 82
Hi My GP told me before that their own tests are not as sensitive as the HPT from the chemist. I got a Clearblue positive and tiny, faint, barely there positive on the GP's test. If it's still very early on this might explain the GP's negative. But I suppose you will know for definite from the blood test. Best of luck.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Yes it's true the GP tests are less sensitive than many HPTs. Best of luck. Hopefully the blood test will come up positive. Are you many days past the day your AF was due? If not then the doc's test might not have been sensitive enough. Best of luck - let us know how you get on.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I went to the GP after two positive clearblues and her one came up negative at first and then positive (after what seemed like an age). GP was suggesting I come in first thing with a sample. What time of day did you go?
firefly78 Posts: 312
Hi B, Don't worry, same thing happened to me last week so don't worry although it was only my first time doing one. Did a clearblue on Monday night and it was positive, rang VHI clinic to see should I come up to them to confirm, they said no. Went to goc the next day and she took blood and it came back negative. Did clearblue Friday mroning and it was positive again, went back to doc and she checked urine and it was positive. She said my something levels must have been low the first time...not all clued in to all the jargon yet...anyway it means I was only a few weeks gone. Good luck today and let us know how you get on FF
butterflylady Posts: 71
Thanks so much.I went to doctor in the afternoon.I was really upset and she wasn't that bothered at all.I know she probably sees this loads but still... Thanks again for taking the time to answer.I have a pain in my tummy all day and jump every time the phone rings!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
yes this happened to me all the clear blue digitals were positive but the stupid doctors ones were negative. I went back the next day with a sample of urine and showed him 2 digital tests from the same sample that were positive. Again his was negative In the end he did a blood test, it took about 2 days but he rang me and confirmed what I was trying to tell him in the first place :o0
cbtb Posts: 413
You poor thing that is so upsetting. This happened me too, first doctors test neg so he took blood. Two days later took in a first morning sample still negative so they rang to get my blood results which were positive. The HCG levels in my blood were 157mlu and most tests pick it up around 50mlu so why the doctors test was negative is a mystery. Try not to worry as it seems quite common.
butterflylady Posts: 71
The doctors just rang to say the blood test was negative so I'm definitely not PG.I'm so upset and sitting here in work pretending Im grand.
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
you poor thing sorry to hear this. look after yourself and DH