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pie Posts: 61
Hi Girls, I got home from town starving and my mom out on some frozen breaded chicken as a quick snack. I was half way through when i saw it when completely raw in the middle. I am so scared of the effects of this.. how bad is this?
redwifey Posts: 2932
I'd say as long as you didn't eat any of the raw middle you should be ok - not sure though. I would probably try and make myself sick to bring it up if I could (sorry!).
pie Posts: 61
Thanks Redwifey. I have been doing that. dont think theres is anything left in my stomach. I have been so careful about things like that, the one time i dont check it.. I am really worried, as I have been googling the hell out of it..which I shouldnt do now...god i'm a nervous wreck..
neeov Posts: 4256
its unlikely that there was anything in the chicken. Most chicken is free of salmonella etc. If you ate it straight after is was cooked then there is even less risk. (leaving it around for a few hours would allow the bacteria to multiply) As far as I know the most dangerous thing is listeria which is mostly found in cold cooked meats rather than raw chicken. You should be fine.
montblanc Posts: 385
I'd say you'd be grand too. Salmonella etc is really rare, and normally happens when food has been left out in a warm place for a long time. If the food was just out of the freezer before it was cooked, it would be very unlikely that any bacteria would have had time to grow (and the freezer kills most bacteria too). If it was a chicken breast that had been out of the fridge for hours before cooking and was not cooked through properly you might have a chance of getting something, but I'd say your grand. Fingers crossed, you are right as rain. Take care
LoveACuppa Posts: 296
I'd say that the only bad thing that could happen is it'd make you sick. Once you were sick and got rid of all the chicken, you should be fine.