urban wax clinic dublin

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Me Julia Posts: 1352
well girls i just have to let you know about this place if you havent been!! I normally do my own waxing as i am a therapist but being 36 weeks pregnant i cannot see down there and it has got untidy sorry tmi I am going for the strep B test on monday so i wanted to get my bikini area sorted for then. I booked into Urban wax today for the urban express, it was excellent!! I was a little shy actually which is mad after all the bikini waxes i would have done on others, however when i was doing treatments years ago it was a little different.............in here they are very thorough ( iykwim) They have plasma tv's in all the rooms and it was spotless. I had a girl called maeve from south africa and will definitely be back. So there you go..............
silíní Posts: 4219
I had wax done there too about 2 years ago as i was in uni in dublin and found them brilliant, but i have to say the prices are extortionate (SP?) so i wouldnt go there regularly for that reason! But it's great for a special occasion, like a wedding or a strep b test!!!! :hic
oirish Posts: 1541
thanks for the tip! I went to brazilia before and really didn't like the place !! As a therapist - what do you recommend for ingrown hairs that you cant FECKIN reach cos of the bump :o0
Me Julia Posts: 1352
yes the prices are expensive, however considering their location and professionalism i can see how they get away with it. Like you say though i wouldnt go every 6 weeks! Oirish- ingrown hairs that you cant reach- i am sorry but i dont have an answer for that!! Wish i did. You need to exfoliate regularly with loofar and scrub and moisturise regularly, but when you cant see or reach its impossible. Would DH help??
laidback Posts: 224
I regularly get ingrown hairs no matter how much I exfoliate moisturise etc but, I found a product from skin doctors called ingrow go, its a liquid lotion that you apply from a day or so after waxing & continue til waxing needed again. I've found it brilliant, only thing that seems to do the trick for me. I got mine in salon & boots liffey valley. hth
dovedro Posts: 1295
I get my waxing done in Urban Wax and fidn them great, I also think the price is normal enough for the location and they do a very good job. It's also nice to watch TV while getting a wax!
silíní Posts: 4219
You said it dovedro, think it's to do with location! I'm from waterford and would pay half the price for a full leg and bikini wax here. The trick in dublin seems to be to get somebody who does it in her own home....