Urgent advice needed re: childs passport

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30.06.09 bride Posts: 28
Girls, can anybody please give me some advice, I sent my son's passport away 2 weeks ago and they returned it yest, i never included his birth cert - he already had a passport so thought the old one was all that was required. Problem is we fly to Greece next friday to get married and im ringing the number on the letter all morn but its always engaged. I cnat get thru. I dont live anywhere near dublin, so what the hell should i do. I cant believe this has happened im freaking out here Can anyone help at all
mrspants Posts: 4652
Check with the local garda station...they would have dealt with emergency passports before and might have another number for you to call. I would think though as the trip is pre-booked you are going to have to call in yourself.
30.06.09 bride Posts: 28
Hotpants I think you might be right, ill prob have to take a trip up next wk and get it sorted. managed to get thru on the phone after an hour of constant re-dial haha still on hold though, ill let ya know what they say if i ever make contact with them
mrspants Posts: 4652
I know it's no good for you today but the best time is first thing in morning, as in 8.55 (if they start at 9). Make sure you ask them if you will be definitely be seen if you call in, i have heard horror stories of people waiting all day and then been sent away. Especially at this time of year. Cork might be quieter?
30.06.09 bride Posts: 28
Cork is a lot slower, had a nightmare time when i sent it to them a few years back. spoke to a lady there and she said its being processed they just need to receive the birth cert to finalise it, so she reckons Ill be fine jsut posting it back up to them. Obvioulsy im to put a note in with it, so i left my mobile no etc, my bro lives in dundrum so he can always collect for me if needs be. Thanks for you help hun
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Sent you a PM !