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Bonita09 Posts: 96
Hi Could someone please advise as to what you would expect to pay to have 4 bridesmaid dresses taken in slightly at the bodice!! The dress maker has messed us about no end- 2 of my bridesmaids live in england and have had to fly over twice and she is now tryin to charge 250.....just wondered if this was what eveyone else is paying, seems really excessive!!!!
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Last year, I had 2 BM's, the dresses were 2pieces and the skirts had to be taken up a little, the tops needed taking in on one and letting out on the other. The tops had seams under the arms and these had to be re-done. She charged 40 euro per dress. She was the owner of the shop and she measured the girls very tightly so maybe she was feeling guilty as at one stage, it was looking likely I might have to start again in Debenhams O:| Sixty odd euro per dress does seem a little OTT to me but I am no dressmaker and maybe it depends on the dress itself (ie, my seams would have only ran under the arm down to the waist but if it was a full length dress, it might have been different, more hours?). The dressmaker in another shop for my own dress charged me 160 euro for taking up the length a little and serious work taking in the bust but it was ruched and boning had to be removed and it all re-stitched etc. Hope you get sorted :wv
she Posts: 3298
I dont know about bridesmaid dresses but my dress cost €130 for the bust to be taken in and the hem taken up....also hooks on the trail as well. I I would highly recommend Abbey bridal alterations, their actually a supplier here but i know they moved to BLanchardstown, those women worked miracles and were so lovely. Why dont you ask around....