Urgent help with bridal makeup/hair

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kyB2B Posts: 31
Hi Girls I'm hoping for some recommendations for bridal hair and makeup. I'm afraid I've left it a bit late to book, my wedding is the end of December and as I don't wear much make up and want a simple natural glowy look on the day I thught it'd be easy enough to sort closer to the wedding. BUT now that i've started looking everyone i've tried like Aisling Eyre and Susan Fox etc are all booked. Would really appreciate any recommendations ye have. AND a word of advice to new Wollies, book hair and makeup the same time as photographer and band!! O:| Thanks! :-8
mamajen Posts: 2263
Where are you based? I'm in Dublin, getting ready and married in Kilmessan, Co. Meath and don't wear much makeup at all, so wanted it very natural. Have booked Alyson Smyth, was absolutely thrilled with my trial!! I've booked Sandra from Powder Room Girls for my hair - they do both hair and makeup, so if your in the Dublin area you could give them a try?
kyB2B Posts: 31
thanks, I tried the PRG but they are totally booked out. I'm based in Dublin, will try Alyson, thanks O:o)
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Maybe try Nikki Kavanagh? she might be booked up but she did mine and i was really happy with it. can't help with hair i'm afraid, mine looked great but was falling down by 4 o'clock!
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
What date in December is it kyB2B? I'm booked for 27th, 30th, 31st December and 1st January. If it is not one of these dates maybe I can help. Otherwise, have you tried the service finder option to target suppliers who might be free on your date? Breda O'Neill 'More than Make-up'
kyB2B Posts: 31
thanks Breda. I actually got make up sorted since posting this. Kyb2b O:o)
kyB2B Posts: 31
breda could you tell me where the service finder option is? I'm wondering what is classed as expensive for hair? the quote i've gotten is 90 per bride and 75 per bridesmaid, this seems steep to me?
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
Hi again, It may be that the date of your wedding is affecting your prices. I don't increase mine for holiday periods but I know that some do. If you can find the service finder option to request prices use it - anyone who is free will quote you (it used to be on the home page but since the site was revamped appears to have moved. I haven't been on in a while so I can't find it at the mo but here is a link to a thread about it Otherwise, post your date, numbers in your wedding party and location in vendors and suppliers and request a quote by pm. Best of luck - I'm sure it will all work out perfectly :wv Breda
candypants Posts: 8575
Where abouts in Dublin are you based?? Mail me if you like.