URGENT Kiddicare order?

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gemini chica Posts: 2581
If anyone can help me I would be really grateful as I am ready to smash my computer! I am trying to order from Kiddicare but it won't accept my paypal or credit card (have tried 8 times) even though it says it will deliver to Dublin, anyone from the republic ordered that can help me out?
Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
Ugghhh! What a pain in the A S S ! You may have to leave it til Monday and give them a call. Sorry can't be of more help. I'd the same prob booking flight tickets a while back. For two weeks I tried on my PC and it would not work. Then went to my parents house and it worked first time. Still don't know what the issue was. Kiddicare's phone lines operate Mon-Sat so if your card still does not work tomorrow turn off the PC and call em Monday. They won't be able to put your order together until then anyway.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
Hi I ordered a few times from kiddicare and never had any problems. Maybe wait til Monday and give them a call?
HappyMe Posts: 727
Not sure - I ordered from them on Friday night for delivery to Dublin and my order was confirmed by them yesterday morning. Give them a ring tomorrow - they seem very helpful. I had a query on my order and emailed them yesterday and they got back within a couple of hours.