URGENT - need good St Tropez spray tan in Mayo or Sligo

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Mush1974 Posts: 126
Hi all, Can anyone recommend somewhere in Mayo (near to Ballina as possible) for a St Tropez spray tan? Thanks a million x
Mush1974 Posts: 126
BUMP! Anyone???
honey1 Posts: 13
Its prob a bit far for you and I don't think they use St. Tropez. But for a really good spray tan. I highly recommend Life Hair and Beauty in Sligo. Have had numerous spray tans with them and all of them were perfect shade and cover. Hilary or Aisling are particularly good. Hope it helps.
Mrs Murray 2B Posts: 100
I'm not from Mayo but am getting married down there and was looking for a good nail and tanning bar down in Ballina. I found the name of a salon called Cristalle Beauty but I have absolutely no idea what they're like or even if they do St Tropaz tan. I'm only at the planning stages so am just gathering names at this point. Maybe someone has a post on this salon on WOL that may be of help.