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Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
I know this sounds funny but I need answers quick sorry to be so blunt. Can anyone tell me where could get a large creme brulee or where they sell some really nice ones in pots? Thanks :wv :lvs
Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
Sorry have to go look now. thanks anyway
thats amore Posts: 714
bonne maman do them in little pots. you can get them in the yogurt/chilled desserts' section in tesco and dunnes. they're in white packages with red and white check. the little pots are glass and re-usable and most importantly, they are yummmmmy! i think tesco might do their own brand but i'm not 100% sure. hth :thnk
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
well theres World of Creme... thats on 5th... The Brew Lay... thats also on 5ht...Sally's Creme Brulee Palace.. which is great because Sally actually eats the brulee with you..... you know i thnk thats on 5th too... the brulee district...
sinion Posts: 6050
you forgot Put-Your-Brulee-There, that's on 3rd
Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
Hi girls, thanks for your help - got them in the end. No...it's not a mid pregnancy craving crisis! :o0 :wv