Urgent!! Need to find VERY formal wedding outfit.....

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kenco Posts: 18
Hi Everyone I am off to a black tie wedding in the next few weeks. I will be 7months pregnant and need to find a VERY formal outfit for the occasion. I went into Nelo amd Formes and they only had summer strappy dresses which were lovely but not formal enough. All suggestions are welcome, I will travel anywhere at this stage. Many thanks :thnk
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:73bb6yeq]They've some lovely evening wear on this website:[/color:73bb6yeq] http://www.maternity-clothing-fashions. ... oducts.asp [color=indigo:73bb6yeq]$1.00 = €0.74[/color:73bb6yeq]
Bubski Posts: 1785
There is a shop in Lucan village that have maternity wear, but it has a sign on the outside that they hire occassion wear, I dont know what the clothes are like but it may be worth a visit. There is also a shop behind Grafton St, that have maternity wear - looks like a posh shop Another one is in Ranelagh, seen some nice clothes in the window. never been in any of these but just seen them from passing. Good Luck.
kenco Posts: 18
Hi there Many thanks for your replies, I will try them out, fingers crossed now!!!
Duchess Snow Posts: 2348
have heard really good feedback about the place in lucan though never usedmyself they hire the maternity wear and its pretty much alloccasion wear saves on the expense for one wear they are on the main street in the village
Spice Bride Posts: 558
That site Christmas B posted the link to has some unusual gowns... [img:2i2rdg7v]http://www.maternity-clothing-fashions.com/store/PPF/parameters/313_104/more_info.asp[/img:2i2rdg7v]
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Doh! Got it right now. [img:1ub121xk]http://www.maternity-clothing-fashions.com/store/images/0012315_bg.jpg[/img:1ub121xk]