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ClasseyLassey Posts: 17
wait till monday?
s wife Posts: 1445
id be like you ,i think id ring what harm can it do :wv
hot lips Posts: 453
I think it shows initiative and interest by ringing
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I would wait until tomorrow afternoon and if you have not heard by say 2-3pm then ring to find out. Shows you were listening when they advised you of their dates and that you are interested in the job. Good Luck by the way, fingers and toes crossed for you. :wv :wv :wv
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
yes definitely give them a ring, as someone else said it shows you are interested.
aoifed Posts: 580
Its really up to you but TBH I wouldn't ring. Its not that big a deal to wait until Monday, and if the company is professional, they should ring you when they say they will. Best of luck - I hope you get it!! :thnk