Urine sample

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Fur Posts: 131
ladies, when you bring a urine sample to the doctors is it better that is one from 1st thing in the morn? If this is the case can you do it in the morn and then keep it until your appt time(mine is late afternoon)? :-8 Thanks so much xx
mags s Posts: 591
i asked my doc this also....she said that samples for herself ( GP ) were ok to be any time of the day....she said obs samples preferred first thing in the morning samples...but it may be different for each doc. best advise...give the receptionist a call..they can give you the sample bottles with white powder in them that acts like a preseritive.
mariac Posts: 982
as far as i know - samples that are sent to the lab to check for infections and stuff must be 1st sample of the day
newone Posts: 1714