I know there has been a good few posts on this but I'm still a bit stuck with some of the wording so if anyone has ordered from fairytail visions I'd appreciate your help. Wedding is ages away I know but friend of mine is moving home from states in june and I'm hoping to get them posted to her before then. I think I've managed the wording on the main invite because i can see the preview on that. but -do i need to leave a blank line before and after the ___________ line where i plan to write the names - do i put the rsvp address on this, any examples of how you did this. For the evening invite(we're using the reception cards) what is the wording usually. For the main invites we having Mr & Mrs xxx invite you to the wedding of their daughter........ do we do something similar on the evening invites? Will i fit rsvp details on the evening invites? For the thank you cards I think i want to leave them blank on the inside so we can write on them and then jsut thank you on the outside. Do I just take the brackets off the sample "Thank You" message? Is it possible to preview the evenign and thank you cards online like you can with the day ones? Any other helpful tips would be appreciated?