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Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
I didn’t want to hijack Elfen's post but i read on there that she has recently received her copy of TCOYF. Could someone possibly let me know what the title of this book is as im not fully familiar will all the acronyms used in this forum yet? Also are there any other books which anyone would recommend, that they have found useful or informative on TTC. Thanks Lou
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Taking Charge of Your Fertility ... .y=0&Go=Go Don't know of any others..sorry.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Regarding pregnancy related acronyms, off the top of my head: CD= Cycle Day CM=Cervical Mucus EWCM=Egg White Cervical Mucus OPK=Ovulation Predictor Kit....could be wrong there. AF= Aunty Flo(period) BFP= Big Fat Positive BFN=Big Fat Negative It makes it seem very real when you are discussing EWCM on the net with strangers..... :D :D :D
Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
Thanks for that Nantes
elfen Posts: 244
Lou Beag, I got it on Very informative I have to say. You think you know lots but then you start to read this .... It'll def help in TTC,