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Chococat Posts: 1632
[quote="graceface":2bko7t1u]Actually I think the worst ones are the ones that come on mid-thread to "defend" a shop or supplier, you know, the newbies who supposedly are only meant to be [i:2bko7t1u]starting[/i:2bko7t1u] to plan their wedding, yet amazingly somehow have enough knowledge of the process to know that your criticism is "totally unfair". I think it bodes ill for any business if it thinks its customers are that stupid :o0[/quote:2bko7t1u] I know they are so obvious. Well, I think if a shop or supplier are unprofessional enough to be bitched about on a wedding website they deserve it. That might sound harsh but it's your wedding day, the less bad experiences you have the better.
mad woman Posts: 22106
people will always defend themselves, it's a natural reaction....
willful Posts: 6822
But I like spamming :o(
contented Posts: 2625
why was the notice only put up in let off steam?? editted to add that it was actually put up in other fora but not in all of them. surely admin should have put the post up under the same title in EVERY forum.