Using combined care card for other illnesses at doc?

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broodynewlywed Posts: 164
I have a really bad cold that just won't shift - I am getting worried that its affecting the baby. I've arranged an appointment for the doc for this evening, but just wondering will they want money off me or would this be covered by my combined care card? Its more flu related than baby related?? :-8
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
No its not covered, you will have to pay. I had the same thing myself O:|
Lily K Posts: 643
I'd say it varies from doctor to doctor. I had to go the other day myself but it was more baby related but I brought my card in case he had to fill out anything on it, he put me on antibiotics in the end. Anyway I was half expecting to pay but I just looked at the girl on reception on the way out and she said "see ya now" so I just walked out! Anyway I'd think cos you can't buy any over the counter remedies[b:2bxah1jp] it is [/b:2bxah1jp]baby related so just chance your arm and say you thought you were covered. If you get pulled up on it fair enough but I'd chance it first :o0
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Damn it, I don't have a penny on me! Bloody robbers! It kind of is baby related cos I'm afraid to take any of the regular remedies cos I'm pregnant, I'll just see what they say I guess!
milis Posts: 7998
I would have thought it was baby related too, because you wouldn't go to the doctor with a cold if you weren't pregnant, but officially, it's not covered. Some doctors will cover it though.
honeybunch Posts: 1218
I went to the doc and it wasn't baby related and while there she checked my urine and blood pressure etc. and I didn't pay anything.
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Why dont you ring and ask to speak to doc? Mine said that if I was unsure about medication or anything to ring her
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Hi girls, I went to the doctor about my cold and didn't have to pay. I wouldn't have gone to the doc for a cold if I wasn't pregnant, so glad I got it on the card!
Bridget Posts: 539
I think the bad colds are baby related, as your immune system is low & you are a little more susceptible to colds etc. I went to my doctor with flu & she gave nothing for it, just said to stay at home for a few days and rest. She didn't charge me as I brought along urine sample & she did the blood pressure, urine test & my weight at the same time. I had an apt with her for these the following week, but she did them the same time as advising me about the flu. My doctor didn't charge me for the flu advise. However when I had wax in my ears, she syringed them and charged me for this as it is non pregnancy related. I have dermatitis & allergies, and I usually take antihistamines to keep skin under control. Since I have got pregnant, I can only take herbal remedies & follow a special diet. These mean it is harder to keep my skin under control. Whenever I am with the doctor for pregnancy apts, I would ask about my skin if it is inflamed and I would get a prescription for creams if I needed them. This is not charged as extra, as it is pregnancy related (can't use the antihistamines) Sometimes your other problems may be partly pregnancy related as you can't take normal medicines to relieve them, you have to point it out to your doctor.