using conception date to calculate EDD

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jenny s Posts: 151
So Ladies? How have you done it? Im 110% sure of my conception date and now sit here at 10+ weeks. However todays scan insisted im in fact 13+ weeks. I had my AF 13+ weeks ago! We are sure we concieved on 22nd July as its the only date ever since having DS2 we didnt use a condom (sorry for TMI) Anyone temping etc for TTC might have experience with this and may be able shed some light on my confusion - the doctors dont seem to be able explain things to me at all O:| Is a normal pregnancy not 40 weeks from conception to delivery? Counting from my last AF makes me 13+ weeks, which to me means I could be expecting a baby to come when I still have 3 more weeks to go! Maybe Im being a pain in the butt on this but Im a firm believer in every extra day baby stays in the womb is a bonus to him/her. Id love to hear your experience on this one :thnk
wombats Posts: 665
[quote Is a normal pregnancy not 40 weeks from conception to delivery? [/quote] A normal pregnancy is considered 40 weeks from first day of last period until delivery, so the dates you're been given are perfect. You're 13+ weeks since last af but 10+ since conception (because you've a fair idea when that happened). This just means that you ovulated 3 weeks after last period. hth
Mrs CB Posts: 113
I'm having a similar thing. The doctor said i was 6 weeks but Pregnancy test showed that i was probably only about 4. I have a long cycle and probably conceived on either Day 22 or 25, this to me means I'm about 3 weeks but as most people can't tell exactly when they conceived, the professionals take it from the first day of your last period. It is a bit annoying but apparently at the 22 weeks scan they should be able to give a more definitely age of the embryo and also clear up due dates etc. Basically pregnancy is 40 weeks from the last menstrual period but gestation is only 38 weeks, the two weeks are supposed to account for the weeks before ovulation. Everyone will be different and baby will come when its ready. Does this help? CB
jenny s Posts: 151
Thanks girls, what you have said makes sense to me. Like you CB I too have a long cycle - a 33 ish day cycle. I suppose my greatest worry is when I go over the hosp due date they will inist I be induced at 10 days over, by my dates thats 10 days early. Had similiar issues with DS2 except our dates only differed by 5 days - I gave birth on my own due date so induction was a few more days off. Its frustrating but I suppose maybe I should insist on a 22 week scan for accurate dates. :thnk
siobod Posts: 331
Have I gotten this completely wrong Jenny or are you not fine to go with the due date they have prescribed + 1 week, not 3? I may be wrong but based on what you have said you are 12 weeks, not 10 because as Mrs CB says you are measured from the first day of your last AF. A 12 week and 22 week scan are standard over here in the UK, and I too conceived 3 weeks after AF began and was happy to see that both my scans agreed with my personal forecast. Just to comment re: inductions - I agree that they are not a great way to go if you can avoid them, but surely there is no way that they can actually force you to have one! Even if they book a procedure you can just decide not to go! They are not going to hold a grudge and tell you to go away when you do go into labour or later decide you do want an induction after all! As for holding onto babs as long as possible - just remember that after 41 weeks the placenta does begin to lose its effectiveness, although I have heard of women who have for example had all their babies at 43 weeks and they've all been grand! Another thing - babies actually reach full gestation at 38 weeks so there is a pretty decent-sized window when babies can be delivered in tip top shape! HTH :wv
jenny s Posts: 151
[quote:kdubcmb0]Another thing - babies actually reach full gestation at 38 weeks so there is a pretty decent-sized window when babies can be delivered in tip top shape! [/quote:kdubcmb0] Siobod not one member of the medical profession stated this fact to me :eek considering this was my main concern. They hate to be questioned /challenged on a medical opinion and really take the "because this is how we do it" attitude. That puts things a lot clearer! Your right, they cant force me to be induced. I need to relax about all this - its been nothing but worrying from the moment I discovered Im pregnant, time to start enjoying it now! Thanks for all your helpful replies xxxxx :wv :thnk