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jmeath Posts: 5740
Girls, im in agony since last night with my foot...right on the bone....i have been limping and sitting in my pj's with my foot up all day and the pain is doin my head in. I checked if i could use Dee Heat and it says "consult your doctor if you are pregnant"....i just want a little bit!!!! What you think i should do?
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey, not sure about it chic, I think i would leave it and take two paracetomol which is fine to take during pregnancy and see if that helps?
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
I remember asking gp about this and she said it's a no-no as it can be absorbed through the skin through to babs or something. As bambam said, take 2 panadol, and I would soak my feet in a nice foot spa to ease the muscle and maybe put a heat pack on it going to bed. Hope you feel better soon!