using steam rooms, jacuzzis, etc

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piripiri Posts: 165
Am i right in thinking i can't use these? Going to a fab hotel with spa treatments, steam room, etc....and just copped on i can't use them!!! O:| O:| it also has a hydro massage pool and foot massage area....presume i can use them???
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
foot massage should be ok but wouldn't think hydro massage would be a good idea, certainly not in the mid section anyway. treat yourself to a facial and a pedicure - that's about it. sorry
milis Posts: 7998
If you go for a pedicure, make sure they know you are pregnant, because you can't have the vibrating chair on, or the water too hot in the foot bath. Some places do a pregnancy massage, which sounds lovely.
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Anything that makes you overheat, will be worse for the baby, so steam rooms, saunas etc are a no, no. Also, the pressure from jacuzzi's are not good for babs either. I think as a general rule, anything that's anyway hard on you, will impact the baby more!