Uterus in wrong place

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NemoFish Posts: 2501
Had to go for a scan cos of suspected ovarian cysts, (I don't have em!), and doc has told me that my uterus is behind, instead of on top of my bladder. She said its quite normal. Just wondering if anyone else has this, and how it has affected you?
only deadly Posts: 491
HI YA Yep I have a backwards Uterus I never found out till I had to get coil in and doc couldnt understand what was wrong I had to be put asleep and thats when I got told.. for ages I couldnt understand how I never got told when I was pregnant on my son but they said to me this time it straightens up when you get pregnant .. I had a section on my son as he got stuck and I blame this so im having a investigation at the moment to see if I can go natural will let you know what they say Getting pregnant not a problem got BFP second month TTC Best of luck hun . xx :wv
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Thanks for that!
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Yep mine is tilted, I found out at an early scan (7 weeks) so will be interested to see if it has corrected itself by 12 weeks... Apparently 20% of women have this tilt and it's kinda like being left handed instead of right handed. Once it rights itself then it's no problem and there is no difference in your pregnancy and labour. I am 10 weeks now and the only downside is that I think it is pressing on my bladder (I get up about 5-7 times every night :o( ) but I hope that will ease off it it goes upright soon. Most web sites say by about 12 weeks it should be upright. Oh and there's a 99% chance that your mam and grandmother had the same tilt, and a daughter would too!
only deadly Posts: 491
NO WAYYYY I never knew that... ! mY mam never said my sister is only 18 I may tell her that statistics I remember thinking I was messed up but then Chrlotte from sex and the city said she had it I was in knots laughing :o0 :o0
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Its great hearing that someone else has this, and that ye are both pg. I can't wait to start trying for kids, and once the doc said I would have to go for a scan I started getting really worried.