Uti in pregnancy advise plz

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Natasha7 Posts: 14
My sister is 6 months pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. From the beginning of her pregnancy she has had a uti and has been on 5/6 different antibiotics and it has still not cleared. Is there any advice anyone has? she lives in Africa and so is a bit worried as twin pregnancy has higher risks. Her gyne has told her one baby is blocking the exit of the vagina with its back so she might have to have a c section and so they will have to give her an injection for the development of the babies lungs as it might be a premature delivery, has this happened to anyone? thank you
mamime Posts: 791
The only thing to do there is to have a urine sample checked in a lab to see what type of infection it is and then see what antibiotic is needed. She must be on the wrong antibiotic if its not clearing. Only the doctors can sort her out really.. Otherwise get her to keep healthy, maybe take extra vitamins like vitC to help with the immune system as well as eating healthy and drinking lots. She may be able to flush out the infection herself. Cranberry juice is supposed to be good. Perhaps due to her long lasting Uti they are worried about preterm labour and have therefore offered the steroid injections. If a uti develops to a kidney infection it can cause preterm labour and steroids increase the chances of babies being born healthier if they are early. Try not to worry, it sounds ok, I would trust the doctors.