V. silly question..bellybutton ring

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kerbs Posts: 75
hi girls, In my "yoof" I got a bellybutton ring put in -about 10 years later it is still there (thought the belly is not looking too hot ;) Now that I am 8 weeks pregnant (yay!!) It just occured to me I should probably get it taken out? I was thinking about this the other day and panicking that it could mean the umblical cord was not growing correctly... I think a pliers would have to be used..am thinking of going to a piercing place in town and asking them to do it.. Does anyone think I am mad? Could it damage the umbilical cord? Anyone else in the same boat?? thanks!
charmed Posts: 105
Was talking to my friend last night she has little girl 11/2 year old and when she was pregnant she left hers in till about 7months and spoke to someone else who never took it out. So don;t think you have to worry its whatever you feel comforable with
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i am just over 5 months and i took it out about 4 weeks ago only because with my expanding tummy i wanted to give it a chance to close up properly so i would'nt have a big scar and also in case my bellybutton pops out. when i was getting checked in docs when i first found out he said nothin about taking it out so i'd say its up to you.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I took mine out a few hours before my first appt I used a pliers.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
They told me to take mine out at my scan 24 weeks. It is the lovely point of confluence of all my strech marks now and looks totally funny I wish I'd never done it.
Bear Posts: 671
I have my belly button pierced and i take the ring out whenever I want. I'm always changing it to a different colour. Does yours not just pull out? I think I would take it out later in the pregnancy when your tummy is much bigger but wouldn't worry about it for now.
Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
Im not pregnant myself, but did have a belly button ring a couple of years back. When i got it done i was quite slim, but during my early 20's i was drinking a lot and put on quite a bit of weight i was left with a big scar where the skin had streached. I went into hospital to have an operation on a broken collar bone and they told me i had to take it out or i would not be allowed into the theatre. I couldent get it back in and i still have a scar to this day.
grumpy Posts: 1280
I've got my belly button pierced, and honestly, I really like it! Some bars are now too small to keep in, but I've got a fairly long one thats doing the job for now. You can get bars specifically to keep the hole open during pregnancy, so I'm going to get one of those soon (don't really know anything about them, just remember seeing something about it in the literatur I got from Snakebite when I had it done!).
miss sixty Posts: 467
I left mine in until I was 6 mths gone, never put it back in after the birth and so sorry now that I didnt! Maybe I'll get it done again sometime :? .........
2006wedding Posts: 965
grumpy, if you ever find out where to get those bars let us know! Not that I am pregnant or even ttc but if we ever decide to have a baby i want to be able to keep my belly piercing!